Weather forecast: 55 degrees dropping to 36 with winds out of the NW 20-28 knots

Verdict: Outside boatwork day. Yaaaayyyyyy…

Determined to get some work done we trudged out to the boat, gradually becoming aware of the windy and cold conditions as we neared the end of the dock. WOW it was blowing up a storm out there. Like a Nor…err SouthEaster! We’ll call her Dory since she just kept blowing, just kept blowing, just kept blowing.

It was VERY tempting to call this day off, a “float day” or “weather day” if you will but since the weekends are all we have right now we continued on. Working slowly with cold joints, running noses and watery eyes Tate managed to put the new anchor rollers on. Oh so shiny on this old and salty boat.
Tate putting on the anchor roller
Anchor roller in place

He also managed to get the two whisker stays measured, cut and stay locked. This is the first piece of wire rigging we have truly “messed with”. He wanted to practice on the less important whisker stays to have a better go with the SUPER important bob stays which we’ll tackle tomorrow. Don’t worry I have lots of detailed photos of the process.

After a few hours outside in the wind and cold his hair started to take on a life of its own:
Tate measuring the wire rigging Whisker stay

Kind of like Goku from Dragon Ball Z (anybody remember this?):
Goku Dragon Ball Z

With the whisker stays done I finally convinced him and his hair to come into the warmth and shelter of the salon. He worked on removing the old Shipmate Kerosene Stove, whose tank and lines were conveniently FULL of Kerosene. It was quite the spectacle with profanity and kerosene spilling out at the most inconvenient of times.
Shipmate Kerosene Stove
Shipmate kerosene stove

Nothing quite goes with blue formica as does blue tile.
Shipmate kerosene stove removed

We have the whole stove, emptied tank and spare parts in the dock box waiting for shipment up north to our blog reader Wolfy WAY up in Canada.

While Tate worked out the stove removal I got busy removing water damaged Veneer from the Port side salon wall. There really was no saving it and anything would be an upgrade. I’ll come back later and paint with Behr Premium Plus Ultra Exterior Paint (seriously could Behr have used more adjectives? Geesh!) White like I did in The Head.
Veneer in the salon
Veneer in the salon being demoed
Veneer in the salon totally removed

All of this progress feels GREAT! The days are finally getting longer with sunset about 6pm and tomorrow’s forecast is much better.

Now onto enjoy the rest of our wonderful evening.