So we’ve explored the different types of foam and layers techniques you can use to redo the insides of boat cushions and mattresses, but what about the outside? Let me just throw it out there, removing our tight Sunbrella cushions covers from the foam, layers and poly fill is a royal PITA. After Tate helped me fight the magical Green Foam into the current covers, he no longer questioned me why I want to make slip covers for our cushions.

I’ve heard and read this is a good idea, plus common sense tells me once we start cruising the covers will be subjected to salt, water, sunscreen, sweat, oil, possibly fish guts and who knows what else! I need a nice fabric that is easier to remove, wash and re-cover. It also needs to be stain/sweat/mildew resistant, feel cool in the heat and nice on sunburnt skin.

Once again I’ve been doing research and all signs lead to something called “Ultrasuede fabric Ambiance“:

Made with 100% recycled ultra-microfiber
Ideal for upholstery, wallcovering and a host of other applications
Superior performance for fashion accessories, footwear, consumer electronics and more
Soft, plush suede hand
Soothing to the touch in any climate
Excellent colorfastness
Resists sagging, crocking, pilling and shrinking
Highlyabrasion-resistant—exceeds 200,000 Wyzenbeek double rubs
Optional antimicrobial treatments available to resist microbes, bacteria, mold and mildew
Spot-cleanable and washable

Apparently this is Ultrasuede fabric is the stuff to get. It’s supposed to be rugged, cool, breathable, stain resistant, mildew resistant, washable, feels great on the skin and in general is very nice looking. Perfect. So how much does it cost? Oh just about $80 per yard (36 x 55″). YIKES!

Yeah… NO way. However we rarely pay full price for anything and I’ve found many places online offering the durable Ambiance line for much much less. Can you stomach $22/yard? I think we can seeing how that’s about the same price as the soft Sunbrella we were looking at. But now the bigger question, what color? When buying things on sale you can’t be too picky.

Below are the colors I’ve found, but can’t decide which one would look the best.
ultrasuede fabric colors

This is about the color of our interior with the current cushions, the curtains I made in the Sailcloth Sand Color, and the table with the Pearl Color that will be on all countertops:
Current interior layout

Sailcoth Sand Curtains
Pearl Sherwin Williams Color

I’m leaning towards a lighter color such as the Chamois but I worry about staining. I also like the Lichen color.

So, any opinions out there? What color would you pick and why? If not the Ultrasuede fabric then what do you recommend? Tate is color blind, so I need help!