Ever so slowly the Louisiana summer is creeping back up in.  High temps are in the mid 90’s.  We are counting down to our sailing trip in two weeks!  Later and later we go to the boat, escaping the heat.   Too bad the marina water is a pale shade of brown instead of a cool shade of blue.  It’s great swimming weather.

Back to the boat this evening, making progress on the electrical project.  We installed 3 new Bebi LED lights in the salon, hiding the overhead salon light wires BEHIND the batten, sacrificing a coat hanger and some sanity.  We have a new teak trim piece for camouflage.

Tate also strategically placed a DC/USB outlet on the port side to help with the overwhelming demand…

Now our boat is lit!  The salon looks great with all of our new lights while drawing less than a half amp.  Thanks Bebi!!!

Maybe tomorrow Tate will get some real work done 😉