Well it’s that time of year again, the end.  Anyone else look in their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and find out they have a million dollars left to spend before Dec 31st?  Ok maybe I don’t have a million dollars but I did have $1,100 bucks just sitting there, soon to disappear forever!  For those of you who don’t know, an FSA is funded by a tax free portion of each paycheck that is to be used via debit card for medical expenses throughout the year.  You have to estimate how much you will need for the next year and make a commitment for that entire amount. Tax free sounds good right?  The catch is that you have to use all of your FSA money by the end of each year or you can kiss it goodbye.

I was  shocked to see how much I had left. I definitely put too much in there this year.  So lets see..what to buy, what to buy.  I did a little research online and found that many website have special “FSA” filters on their product searches which lets you search for “eligible” items.  That’s cool, an $1,100 shopping spree right?  With categories like beauty, skin care and vitamins a girl like me could go crazy.  I searched for while on a couple of sites and to my dismay I found out that really the only thing useful (and eligible) to Tate and myself is sunscreen and joint supplements (Dani’s knees).

 Ugh..$1,100 dollars worth of sunscreen and joint pills..great, this should be fun.  I tried my hardest to load up on these goodies and painstakingly only got to $600 in the online shopping cart.  Sigh.  Tate got wind of my spending plan and intervened, idea light full aglow.  He said “Hey if you have that much money see if you can get a First Aid Kit we will need on the boat”.  Now that’s an idea! He sent me a link to what he was talking about and I soon discovered this is no ordinary band-aid and aspirin first aid kit.  Oh no, this one is made with pure gold!  Ok so maybe not gold but it is quite an extensive First Aid Kit that even has its own Category in the medical world.
Trans-Ocean Medical Sea Pak

Trans Ocean Medical Sea Pak
-The Trans Ocean Pak first aid kit it is designed to provide the medical supplies needed for a crew size of up to 12, when professional medical help may be even weeks away while on an extended Ocean Voyage.-

Pretty nifty.  Even better the price tag is $775 bucks.  Wow.  I didn’t know they sold first aid kits that expensive.  So I know that “first aid kits” are FSA eligible, but one of this magnitude?  I wasn’t sure so I phoned my insurance 2 times to get the explicit approval of the FSA claims department.  ALL RIGHT!  Awesome first aid kit here we come.  The first representative at my insurance said I would need a prescription for one, the second said I didn’t.  Just to be safe I called my General Practitioner and he simply wrote a prescription for one and I picked it up for free, no waiting, no copay.  After all of this I thought I would try to pay with my FSA debit card on the site to see if I could avoid the out-of-pocket/reimbursement that can happen with medical transactions.

I crossed my fingers and entered in the card info. Bingo, it worked!  $775 deducted from my FSA account leaving me only $326 to spend on joint pills and sunscreen.  Much more doable.

We have alot of safety equipment to put on the boat, and this helps alot. It’s got tons of supplies for all kinds of ailments. It has colored coded “Modules” to help you figure out what to use in different situations.  Tate and I will be trained in first aid, but having this color coded step by step makes me feels better since we may have someone on board who is unfamiliar with first aid. There is enough supplies for up to 12 people assuming you are weeks away from medical attention.

  • Module #1 Common Problems
  • Module #2 Minor Trauma
  • Module #3 Major Lacerations
  • Module #3b Major Lacerations
  • Module #4 Sprains & Fractures
  • Module #4b Sprains, Fractures and Dislocations
  • Module #5 Burns
  • Module #5b Burns
  • Module #6 System Problems
  • Module #7 CPR
  • Module #7b Resuscitation
  • Module #8 Medication Storage. 

I am so glad Tate found that thing to buy, useful and sort of free. I have lowered my FSA contributions for next year so this doesn’t’ happen again.  Hopefully we won’t need to actually use the first aid kit much, but it’ll be sure nice to know it’s there.