Well we are all packed and ready to drive to Galveston, Tx today to crew with skipper Todd aboard SV Morning Sun (another Westsail 32 who we met during last years Westsail rendezvous) to participate in the Harvest Moon Regatta, the first time for us.
Morning Sun Westsail 32 at Westsail Rendezvous 2012

That’s her under sail on the left.
Morning Sun W32 under sail in Galveston Bay Tx

We will be carrying a “Spot” gps locator beacon that transmits our location every 10 minutes or so. If you go to this link (Harvest Moon regatta race tracking) and scroll through the list of boat names, select “Morning Sun” you will see our location and track. You can also see everyone else, so you can see how we’re doing in the race.

Feel free to pass this along but make sure that they understand that if the locator beacon stops transmitting the signal – it does not necessarily mean that we are in any kind of danger – it may have lost the signal, dead batteries etc. Please don’t call the Coast Guard or sound the alarms if you don’t see our signal.
Harvest Moon Regatta Tracking

So far there are 177 boats in the race! I can’t wait to see all the different designs out there. Maybe we’ll get lucky and see a square rigged tall ship! The Westsails may be slow but they do win races and I’m hopeful that with our new racing skills and moves we can easily walk away with 1st place! (why not dream big right?)

The race is 150 miles south in the Gulf of Mexico from Galveston to Port Aransas Texas (Corpus Christi) and will take us 30 hours to complete if we average 5 knots the whole way. The race starts at 2pm tomorrow out on the water and continues on through the night under a full moon. We should make it to Port A. sometime Friday evening. On Saturday there is a party (incredible I am told) at a local yacht club where they will also hand out awards. The weather forecast is good with temp in the mid 70’s and little rain.

To prepare for this race we gathered our PFD’s, bought rigging knives, whistles, light beacons, tethers and I got some sailing gloves. We also packed our foul weather gear and some non-perishable food to eat.

Tate and I have been looking forward to this race since last year and now it’s finally here! Woohoo, wish us luck!