I woke up so late this morning.  Dani let me sleep in.  I was sunburned pretty badly yesterday and guess I didn’t sleep well last night.  It was like clawing out from under a pile of sand to wake up.  But once I was up and moving, it was time for the final round with this vent.  Today was the day.

Yesterday we taped off the underside of giant hole we’d left in the deck. 

We started today by using thickened epoxy to make a fillet around the bottom of our duct tape.  I was hoping this would prevent any of the unthickened epoxy from running out from under the duct tape we used to close off the hole in the top of the head.

As that set up I wrapped a piece of 4″ PVC pipe with a garbage bag that I’d use as a spacer and stuck it into place, praying it wouldn’t get stuck.

With my spacer in place and the fillet holding I poured epoxy around the spacer and also used a syringe to fill up the void I’d dug out yesterday when searching for rot.

And then we went about filling all of the holes from the traveler tack and also filling the holes we drilled out from the forward hatch hinges.  Pleased to report we were able to fill all of them with only a minor spill.   But really, who am I kidding, the big show here was this vent.

After about 10 minutes, the epoxy started smoking.  And I was like, “Oh great, all we need is to light the deck on fire because I mixed the epoxy too hot.”  But all was not lost.  I just sat in front of it casting a shadow on it and it calmed down and finally hardened.

I unwrapped the spacer from its bag and with a sharp yank, tried to free it.

And it worked!

And then the bag.

The downsized hole.

Yes the fillet looks messy, but honestly, does anyone care?  It took 2 minutes to chisel it out.

And now we have a nice clean hole the size of the original hole in the underside of the deck.

And guess what?  That fan fit right into it.

From the top.

It was a good day.  Finally the fan is installed and now all we have to do is Frankenstein a connection from it to the head.  But at least its in the deck now.  And all the holes that were leaking from the traveler and the forward hatch are plugged.

Of note today as well… We got to meet and really talk to the Seaflowers.  Fun people in our marina that sail a Cal 34.  Really enjoyed talking to other people about sailing.  I think Beau has talked us into taking up Wednesday night racing on the lake.

And finally, I must sheepishly submit to everyone that Roger emailed me and told me why the wind gen ammeter was installed facing the cockpit.  They were using it that way so as to have it serve the dual purpose of a wind gen and wind instrument.  You see they could look at the ammeter from the cockpit and then know the wind speed based on the amps.  Learn something new every day.

Stay tuned readers.  Next week more 12v madness.  Perhaps more photos of Dani in a bikini.  And if we’re really lucky we’ll hook up the head itself!

Vote for what comes next!