Danielle’s preparations…So while Tate is busy figuring out how to change the oil and what type of battery to get to start the motor, my attentions are more focused on the “environment” in which we are taking are friends and family on this maiden voyage:

Crew List

Tate, Danielle, Danielle’s Mom, Her Mom’s Friend, and a mutual Friend Tyler who helped us learn to sail aboard his Hans Christian 33.

Sundowner was pretty dirty shape when we got to her. In photos she actually looks nice, but in person she’s in need of a day at the spa…no wait a whole weekend package! (p.s. beware of how boats look in pictures when you’re considering buying one, they all look 200% times better than they really are)

So in preparation for our trip last weekend when we went to bond with her for the first time by ourselves we brought a bucket and soap and a sponge and started wiping off the interior’s layer of neglect.  We swear we heard her breathe a sigh of relief knowing she is being rescued.  So I spent about an hour wiping the walls and the cabinets..any and everything in the salon galley area.  She is much better now and the guest we have on board will feel a little better about hanging out in her.

Luckily there is a Sams down the street from the marina, so we stopped there and picked up economy packages of paper towels, disposable cups and coke zero…oh and don’t forget the rum:) We left all of this and some 409 on the boat awaiting our return.  This run to Sams is the first of MANY to come in order to stock the boat.

So now that things are as clean as my schedule will allow, I got chips and made sandwiches for our voyage tomorrow. We stopped by Auto Zone on the way home today and bought a starter battery, a 5 gallon diesel jug, oil, oil filter, funnel and transmission fluid.  On an aside we also got full coverage insurance on the boat for about 1100 a year. We figured since this is our first boat, it’s the beginning of a super active Hurricane season (can’t wait, bursting with anticipation!!yay  jk seriously), and there is a gigantic worse oil spill in US history right on our door step that if we were ever going to have insurance, now would be the time.

And we’re off..to bed for tonight, and out to sail for tomorrow. I hope the winds are in our favor tomorrow. Will post pics afterwards.