Today was day I was dreading.  Mostly because I have a bad history with reciprocating saws.  Stuff had to get done anyway though.  And today’s tall order of business was to mount the new electrical panel, the main on/off switch, and the battery monitor.

Dani and I picked up a piece of of acrylic glass to mount the electrical panel on instead of plywood.  We thought of using metal but didn’t know a good source for the exact size.  We thought of wood but didn’t feel like painting and sealing it.  Then we thought of plastic.  Acrylic glass had the advantage of being clear so that we could sort of see into the engine room if we felt like it.

So we set off with our new piece of acrylic along with an old piece of wood that was used to block off the V-berth.  I was going to steal this piece of wood and cannibalize it since it was the only wood I had that was a close match to whats in the boat now.

At first I was just going to use the wood at its full thickness, but then we realized it was really a 1/4″ piece glued to a 1/2″ piece of ply.  Could I separate them without breaking it?

As luck would have it, yes.  Dani made up a pattern for the piece that we needed and I cut it out.  

After I cut the piece out we realized that Dani had forgot to reverse the pattern when tracing it onto the back of the wood.  Woops!  Good thing the board we had was a good enough size to give us some “woops room”.  So this time she taped the piece I cut out onto the donor ply.

After that, things went more smoothly.  I cut the Acrylic into shape for our spot that the panel will live and then cut out the pattern for it.   Afterwards I cut some holes in the trim piece for the battery switch and battery monitor. 

The area where said components are to live. 

And here is how it looks mounted up.  The panel appears to magically float in space.  Pretty nifty.

The new piece of wood doesn’t match the rest very well but its a lot better than the holes that were there before.  With the monitor out in the open we’ll be able to keep a steady watch on the batteries.  It should be nice.

Tomorrow’s work will include starting to connect wires!

What floats inside of your boat?