Have I mentioned lately that the heat has returned to Louisiana?  It wasn’t that bad a scorcher but you can tell that it is coming.  Being in the direct sun is a challenge again.  But fear not faithful readers, we were not deterred.  Oh no, today we were going to replace the headstay.  Or at least I was going to try to replace it while Dani sands teak.  That may sound strange.  It is sort of strange.

You know.  There you are at the top of the mast working diligently, secure in the fact that someone below is looking out for you, but you look down and there she is again with the sandpaper scrubbing away at some piece of wood.  There you are eating dinner and you look behind you for the salt and turn around with it and your spouse is sanding teak.  I think I’ve seen her sanding teak while brushing her teeth.  I mean really, who “sneaks” teak work in between other jobs. Dani. That gals is crazy, ya’ll. Love her to death though.

Anyway… Today I climbed all the way to the top of the mast.   A place I’d never been before.  In preparation I bless Dani and her winching skills.

Dani pulling Tate up the mast to change the headstay

And eventually I did make it all the way to the top.
Tate at the top of the mast to change the headstay

The top of the mast isn’t in that bad a shape.  I mean the paint is pealing and whatnot, but all that is up there are some tangs, a couple of lights, and a windex. The tangs look like they’re in okay shape and the mast sheaves all seem to turn freely, so I was relieved by what I found.  After a quick look around I took the headstay’s clevis pin out and hooked the staloc fitting to the jib halyard and lowered it down. Then it was time for a break.  Did I mention its hot again?
Tate exhausted from him trip up to the top of the mast

At some point our racing skipper Glenn drove by on a nice big Searay stinkboat.  They showed up right after I was getting off the mast and applauded.  I think I was so dazed from the heat I hardly remembered to wave.  So if you’re reading this, sorry Glenn, forgive me for not being able to cheer back.

With the old headstay down it was time to make a new one!  I’m sure you all remember this process from our previous posts.
Tate's new headstay
Measuring the new headstay

The new stay came out really well.  I think I’ve done my best “staloc” yet on this one.  And finally it was time to put it back up.  So up I go again.
Tate at the top of the mast again

After I finished connecting it I climbed down and started to take apart the old turnbuckle to add new fittings.  Unfortunately for some reason the turnbuckle was cross threaded and I refuse to use it again.  So now I have to wait on another part to finish connecting the headstay.  Its always something huh?

Tomorrow is more fun with epoxy.  If the heat is good for anything, its good for making epoxy set up.