Sundowner has some quirks.  Sometimes quirks are endearing or mysterious.  The galley sink was not an endearing quirk.  We found out the hard way that the seacock under the sink was actually being used by the head discharge.  Why?  I’m still not sure.  The sink drain itself actually fed into a hand pump in the engine room which pumped overboard. Weird.

Apparently you just had to open up the engine room and pump away anytime you wanted to drain the sink.  When I explained this to Dani she gave me the death stare.  It basically means that this must be fixed or I’ll die.

Another strange fact.  The plumbing to the bottom of the sink was actually just a pipe that was electrical taped to the sink drain fitting.  Nice… So I pulled it all apart.

That has left our sink sitting like this for some time. 

Defender parts to the rescue! 

This evening we decided to change all that.  We’d fix our drain. 

Not a lot to say, just some simple plumbing. 

Really the only problem is that the extra deep sink has its drain fitting only an inch above the water line.  When we heel its definitely going to dump into the sink so that means we’ll just have to vigilant about closing that seacock before going sailing.  Kind of a bummer but all boats have compromises.

Maybe tomorrow night I’ll replace the sink drain in the head.  The hose in there looks… vintage.

On our way out we watched a guy motor out at night.  First boat we’ve seen coming or going at night so far.

I had goosebumps thinking of us leaving in the evening to just go out and hoist sails in the moon light.  For another night…  At least we can pour stuff down the sink now.  Also, please ignore the jug of rum in the sink.  No rum was harmed in the plumbing of this sink drain.