Today is a new boat day.  Our Porta-bote arrived.   I resisted ripping into it until Dani got home. 

Opening this thing up the first time was a little scary.  She didn’t want to unfold, but after getting it open and then closed, it opens up pretty easy.  It is sort of a no brainer on how to put it together.  Just unfold and stuff the seats and transom into place then pin it all in.  As you can see, Dani enjoyed a dry run.

Unfortunately the oarlocks don’t fit the oars!  I’ll have to get a couple of spacers and perhaps new bolts to make them fit, but I was pleased that the oars are long and the oarlocks have metal dowels internally.  That seems pretty robust.

After our initial unwrapping and poking at the new toy glee, we put it up, but that didn’t keep Dani from posing with the thing like it was some sort of exotic surf board.

All we lacked was one of those fans the models have to blow hair back for the perfect shot.

And of course the dogs have to investigate.

Can’t wait to get this thing on the water!

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