Today was quite a day.

At some point around 0900 I was woken up by my wife in a panic.  She was saying “Tate, Tate!  The bed is tilted!”  And she was on the floor snooping around the edge of the bed low and near the ground in a sort of crouch.  I have no idea what she was doing down there as the bed felt fine to me.   “Its going to collapse!”  She is prone to waking up in these half dream states where she decides something crazy is going on.  So I tried to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep.  As it turned out the bed was fine, but I was awake.

So then I get up to have some coffee and read some blogs.  While reading I hear from downstairs in the calmest of voices, “Hey Tate, can you come see.”  So after the panic this morning I’m thinking that she is calling me down to squash a bug or something.  No.  The electrical outlet in our kitchen is spewing a rain of blue sparks.  A power surge has blown up the light fixture.  The fridge light blew up.  And the microwave is questionable.

So this is the world of Dani.  Cool and collected when the house is exploding and in near full on panic when laying in the warm comfy bed.  😉

Well after sorting out some of the really really bad wiring… (isn’t it a sin that I have to deal with boat wiring and house wiring)!   We went out to Sundowner to slip in a few errands.

Today I pulled off the upper chainplates.  Once again these chainplates were doubled up.  I figured since I documented the last sets of lowers I would show what these looked like as well.  The starboard side inboard plate broke off in almost the same plate as the lower one did before.  Also there is an obvious crack that had developed near the second hole.

Chainplates cracked
Chainplates cracked again

And with the chainplates off.

I also managed to pull off the old life raft and its canister mount.  Tomorrow we’ll get the new chainplates installed and fill some holes left from where the life raft cradle was bolted through the cabin top.

We left Sundowner early to make the drive to Baton Rouge Louisiana.  Had to make a run to the hospital.  It seems I’ve become an uncle.   Congrats to my little sister as she and her husband welcome Gabe (Gabriel) into this wild world.