As usual on Tuesday after work I headed to the boat to continue progress while the weather is still cool enough to not look like a Changeling having a bad day while doing so. Progress is particularly important right now since we have planned to repaint the non-skid with Kiwi Grip this weekend!  I need to sand any rough epoxy and the area around any exposed wooden dowels used after the old teak deck removal to prepare them for Epoxy Primekote.
Exposed wooden dowels

After the pain in the butt to mix 2 part epoxy primer dries we’ll try our hands at Kiwi Grip. We have been wanting to repaint the non-skid for some time now as it seems every time we go to the boat another dowel is fully exposed, streaking it’s wooden parts across the deck just asking trouble. We have GOT TO fix these or we risk rot in the plywood deck core.

Constantly watching the weather and seeing no rain for weeks we picked this weekend as our go date. The wooden dowels would have plenty of time to dry out and be ready for primer. Unfortunately the measly 30% chance of rain for today turned into 100%…all day. Boo.
Weather radar map

Much calloused and toughened by my time served as a boat refitter this effected me for, oh, a moment or two. Generally nowadays when a wrench is throw into the mix I just say screw it, I’m doing it anyways. Really, what is the worst that could happen? This case isn’t that bad thankfully with the rain ending today it will leave 4 full days in the Louisiana sun for the wood to dry again, I hope. Probably on Sunday evening or Monday morning we’ll prime the deck the break out the Kiwi Grip.

A welcome distraction with a pretty sail came by Sundowner yesterday just as I was getting started.
Ben with the Sunfish coming to Sundowner

He happened to be a blog follower named Ben who actually lives on his Catalina 30 in the same marina, is in his 3rd year of Dentistry school all while his awesome wife holds down the fort in Lafayette with their two kids. WOW. It’s incredible the people we are meeting lately who either live on boats already or are making that move. He found our blog online and recognized his picture in one of our electrical posts! I snapped him sailing by at sunset over a year ago:
ben sailing his Sunfish

I gave him a short tour while we talked about Sundowner and our second job as refitters. He told me he learned to sail over in Atchafalaya Basin country where fishermen rule and sailboats are rare, and decided instead of buying or renting a place in New Orleans while in school he’d buy a boat and a great little sunfish as a dinghy. We promised to meet again, perhaps for a sail one day before we leave, then he disappeared. The sun followed suit.
Sunset at Southshore harbor

All the while we talked I imagined the other amazing people we’ll meet along the way. I CAN NOT WAIT to leave! 19 months is so close but at the same time so far away.

To bide our time and get back out on the water, lately we’ve joined Skipper Glenn aboard Quest for the usual Wednesday night racing.  I hope we’ll have half as good of weather tonight as we did last Wednesday:
Tate sailing