Today was a big day for us. A day that I literally had dreams about. Mast stepping day.

Last week we tried to step the mast but due to high winds we had to cancel. The crane operator and I both thought it too much for the delicate operation of slipping the tabernacle onto the wire pipe and then aligning the four holes perfectly. But today the weather man was predicting little to no wind but some rain. Rain doesn’t bother me too much so I said all systems go, and the yard agreed!

So it was time for another lunch time boat yard adventure.

That part where we dropped it the last little way down was pretty exciting. The hole for the pipe in the tabernacle is very small and the pipe is at an angle so it had to be *just* right before it went down or it could crack something I really don’t want to fix.

Routing wires to step the mast

Once it was over the tube I put the bolts in and had to hammer them into the very tightly drilled new holes.

Hammering bolts to step the mast

I think she lined up just about perfect!

Lined up perfect bolts

And so with a soaring heart I say… Sundowner has her mast back!

Mast back up

Coming soon, the saga of the rudder cheeks and the installation of a new stuffing box. Hope your Monday was as exciting as ours.