How do you know that you’re a very bizarre couple?  You spend New Year’s Eve tracking down 4200 in WestMarine (where the guy knows your name) and then go to the marina to “slip in an hour” before heading to a party.

Stem Fitting

I know it seems totally irrational that after we’ve done so much stuff to Sundowner that I’d be so very happy to see this sight… But there it is.  Elated. It seems like this rigging business has been going on forever.  I mean we didn’t work over the Summer both due to the heat and due to saving up/ordering parts.  But the entire time I’ve been ruminating on the rigging in my mind.  So mentally this stuff has been going on longer than the engine re power project!   And so far its been all destruction, all the time.   Well not anymore.

Maybe its a token symbol.  One small chainplate for Sundowner, but one major happy leap for Us!

new stem fitting

And look at that.  Now she has a shiny spot.  Guess we’ll just have to go ahead and change em all.  😉

Happy New Years to all you folks out there.  We wish you the best!