So yesterday after my blog post about installing the batteries I had several readers comment about my rope holding the battery box in place and expressing (rightly!) that it is not a stout enough solution to the problem.  And let me tell you, I love the people that comment and give great advice here.  I take it to heart.

So today I set about rectifying the problems seen yesterday.  I devised a new hold down.  Instead of a wimpy little rope, I decided to go with a more serious solution. At first I was thinking of fabricating a metal strap to wrap around the box, but at the hardware store I checked out a ratcheting tie down and its rated working load was 1500lbs.  More than sufficient.  And the flat nylon webbing won’t rub like the metal would.

So back at the boat… I undid the rope that was holding the box in place and set about installing the strap instead.  The first problem was that the hole on the outboard side of the box was inaccessible now.   I wanted to put metal eye bolts in through the hole as anchor points.  So I just taped the bolt end to the rope.

This allowed me to pull the rope slowly through the hole and get the tail end of the eye bolt into place. This fascinated Dani to no end so she had to take multiple photos of the otherwise uneventful process.

I backed the 3/8″ SS eyebolts with some stout fender washers. Those anchor points are sturdy now. And the strap was pulled into place and ratcheted down.  The only problem was that the metal of the ratchet handle could rub on the box.

To prevent chafe through I folded a plastic pad and put it underneath the ratchet gear.  The strap def isn’t going anywhere and neither is this box.  

Though you cannot see it here, I also put some anchor points for the vertical tie down that I’ll install later once all the wiring is done.   If this box moves now, it means we’ve got way bigger problems than inadequate tie downs.

Thanks readers!

Not much else of note today though.  I found the places I’ll be mounting the MPPT controller and cut out some rot.  Ran the engine a bit, and did some other little odds and ends job.  Tomorrow I need to go through my next round of shopping and order the rest of the big battery cables so that the job can progress.

What else am I doing wrong?