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Our cabin owner friends rented a raft and took us 12 miles down the Snake River in Wyoming. The scenery was breathtaking and it was great to relax for a few hours watching the mountains slowly pass by. Afterwards we cooked up some Delicious Jambalaya before saying goodbye to our now dear friends…Hopefully we’ll see them again soon, in Panama.

We soon expired our time camped on free Shadow Mountain and after 16 days camped there we headed a bit further south looking for another free campsite in a different National Forest. Unfortunately the aftermath of recent forest fires filled up our prospective camp sites with emergency personnel so we had to keep on driving, all the way to Utah. We had wanted to stay as far north as possible to soak up the cooler temperatures but as luck would have it we found a nice campsite 300 miles south in Duck Creek Utah which forecasted mild temps in the 70s and 40s. At 8,500 feet it escaped the heat of the land below.

This campsite also happened to be 40 miles from both Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks! Antelope roamed free and I enjoyed the flat, albeit high altitude jogging and biking.

Check it out!
Tate and Dani

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