It is hard for me to imagine how this has happened, but it has happened. Dani and I have a more full social calendar than we did when we were back home. It has become sort of a whirl wind of meetings and greetings and fun out here. We’ve become social butterflies.

Besides the usual denizens of the anchorage, boats come and go all the time. Some you meet, some you don’t, but sometimes you run into kindred spirits and suddenly there is this feeding frenzy of friendship that lasts a week or two before one or the other of you head out.

I can’t say quite where it all started but I’m going to go ahead and blame Stu and Barb on SV La Luna. Such was our instantaneous friendship with them that we don’t have any photos with them. That NEVER happens. But somehow we were so engrossed in hanging out with them that we literally forgot the camera. Too many nights spent playing Texas Hold em and drinking old fashioneds I guess. Barb has actually written a book and has a blog. You can read about her hilarious take on Dani’s project skills here:
Hart’s At Sea:A Silly Little Millimeter Longer

So somehow between La Luna, we ran back into Seawolf, and “the big crew” from Providencia (who threw me a great birthday party). Then we have Alan and Amanda come down. Then we run into some new friends.

While sitting in the cockpit drinking coffee a family drives their dink up to us and introduce themselves. “Hey, we knew LaLuna and they said to come say hello.” This is how cruising works. Boats tell other boats about people they’ve met and introductions are made. Its the coconut telegraph or the cruising connection or whatever you want to call it, but certain folks just know when you should meet someone.

The family turned out to be Margrit, Dominique, and Heinz of SV Meridian.

Of course we bonded over food.

And we bonded over Dominique. And scotch. But I get way ahead of myself. So after we met Meridian, Dani and Dominique eyed each other up both being around the same age and of the female persuasion and it was decided that Dominique should be kidnapped so that Dani could have “girl time”. For those of you that don’t know what this is… I came home after fishing to find the two of them in the cockpit drinking wine with mud all over their faces. They refer to this as “beauty treatments”. When I began to laugh Dani chased me away. It was like swamp thing attacking. No really. 😉

Anyway, while Dani was hanging out with her new friend I was hanging out with Heinz and Margrit who are from Switzerland and Heinz in a stunningly stereotypical turn of events was a watchmaker. I fixed his OpenCPN program for navigation. He poured me a fine scotch. Friends were made.

And then SV Nomad showed up. And all hell broke loose.

Nate from The Nomad Trip had been in touch with Dani from an introduction by Andy on Fisher’s Hornpipe WAYYYYYYYY back in Mexico. Can you believe it? And on board he had two more gals in our age range, Des and Anna.

So now there are six 30 somethings in one anchorage. This is a recipe for chaos. We had parties and parties and beach fires and late nights and girls dancing on the decks and men going spear fishing together. Ladies and gentlemen, my “Check Liver” light even came on.

And of course we bounded over food. In my continuing mission to bring Roux to the entire world, I cooked a gumbo for Thanksgiving amongst all of these new found friends and wonderful people.

It starts with a fresh baked french bread.

And a bit of roux.

Add some seafood stock and some fresh veggies.

Throw in some conch, some lobsters and some crab meat.

Now you got a pot of gumbo on dat stove and a boat full of friends. Dani and I have deemed this the “tropical gumbo”.

Now how is this for a couple of photos? Thanksgiving in the anchorage.

In those photos are 2 Italians, 4 Texans, 1 Pontchatoula Strawberry, a Brazilian, a yankee (*cough* Sorry New Yorker), and a coon ass.

For desert Dominique made me a cheese cake. A rare and delicious treat out here in paradise.

I like her for that. Now I always try to do crazy poses behind her when she isn’t looking.

The rest of the Thanksgiving day crew, add a couple of Swiss to the tally.

It was sad to be away from our families for this first “big” holiday, at least we were surrounded by great new friends. Cruising makes for fast friends, you have no choice. Your wakes cross and then that might be it? Or who knows, maybe we’ll both pull up to an island in the Pacific some day.

So forgive us if we haven’t been keeping up posting. Its busy out here!

But we’ll try to get back to some regular blogging soon. We do have some stories to tell. More fishing (I can hear some of you groaning already), more swimming with wild animals (but not the nice kind this time), and of course more Sundowner antics with friends. Ciao for now.