So I know everyone is expecting and wanting more 12v madness.  Well let me get it out the way up front; this blog post will disappoint you.  After witnessing the collective whip cracking in the comment section last week about how I should be getting back to work on the project I was gung ho to make more progress.

Fate dealt me a cold card though, and my battery box is not in hand yet so I decided I wouldn’t try to force work on something that I could touch and feel.  Instead we’d take good advantage of the first warm/not rainy weekend we’ve had in a long while.

So back to the head project.  And that pesky deadlight that was holding up our progress connecting the Air head’s vent line. 

After removing the bronze trim ring and digging out caulk, then pulling the glass I up…. I found…. guess… go on?  Rot.  Of course.  So out came the implements of destruction and I started digging rotted plywood out of the deck surrounding the portlight.

There was quite a large void that I dug out towards the mast.  I’m guessing something is leaking and running down this way.  Luckily our deck has two cores separated by a layer of fiberglass.  The bottom core seemed dry here.

Meanwhile, since we’re all busy tearing up the deck and getting at rot issues, Dani decided to attack the traveler.  The car on it needed replacing.  Its little wheels were gone and it rattled horribly, causing terrible sounds.

Needless to say, the staysail traveler track is no more.  We’ll probably just buy a new one.  The ends are falling apart.  Once it was off we went about over drilling all of the holes which we will fill while we have the epoxy out tomorrow.

And of course that led us to the hinges for the front hatch.  Can’t rebed all of the other stuff around here and leave those guys out.  No way.  So up the hinges came and more overdrilling.

But readers.  Just for you.  I finished pulling the last of the mystery wiring out of the bilge and Dani snapped a photo of it reassuring me we’d made progress on the electrical.  Its really all I have to offer in the way that project.

Tomorrow will be epoxy time.  And hopefully soon the Air Head vent will be fully operational.

Who is more rotten?  Dani or the deck?