This is just a quick update, not really a full blown blog post. I can’t seem to find the time to get a full blog post in right now, what with the sound of tinkling bells and the oppressive cloud hanging around in the saloon of the boat.
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You see, Dani has succumb to some form of plague or another. It started with a fever and got progressively worse. She was laid up for days. We consulted doctors and began a round of antibiotics and it seems she is finally regaining her strength, her fever has broken and she has put down the bell. You know, the bell. The little jangling thing you give to sick people so they can call for something they need. Dani has lots of needs. Hence the lack of updates until now.

This has thrown a bit of a wrench in our plans. I refuse to go to sea until giving proper time to make sure there will be no relapse. And don’t worry all you worry warts out there, she really is doing better. However, caution is good here. So we will wait and then find a new weather window to make our way south to Guatemala.

On the upside… Without Dani to accompany me into town on errands, my Spanish continues to improve. I’ve learned to ask where the doctors office is, when is it open and how to buy “mexican tylenol”. Its apparently Paracetamol, which is not the same, but it does work well. To the curious out there, Dani and I have forgone health insurance. Shocking, I know, but we had confidence that outside the US costs would be lower, and it is proving to be true. Drugs here are inexpensive and a doctor visit is $45. Not too bad.

Many of you have been writing and asking when we’re leaving. Patience, I know its hard to see your friends trapped in paradise but don’t feel too badly for us. We’ll pull through somehow.