Well friends, readers, and family, it is that seemingly rare time again. Time to raise anchor and set out for parts yet unknown.

We’ve enjoyed our time here but last night we spent our last pesos, cleared out, and with Zarpe in hand we will hopefully sail for Provenir in the San Blas islands of Panama.

I changed the oil this morning and the boat is mostly stowed, all that is really left is to hoist in the dink and raise anchor. So between those tasks I thought I’d drop in and write a quick note while trying to use up the last of our Internet time here.

Feel free to join us during our journey by checking the Where is Sundowner? page. We occasionally post messages there and to our facebook page.

We hope to sail in another couple of hours and make landfall in Provenir sometime Monday morning. Knock on wood. The approach is dangerous at night but we’ll be cautious and wait for good light.

Until next time, fair winds and following seas.