Ah yes, a delightful ending to a lazy lazy weekend.  Our Saturday plans to work all day on the boat were squashed by dreary skies and an evening party at a friends. Sunday it was then!

To the boat…we made it about 1:30 armed with 2 refilled diesel jugs for our fuel tanks, and an engine room plan.   Off with the engine hatch and on with the anti-siphon plumbing.  It went as expected.  We also screwed a cedar plank across the two lower shelves in the engine room that makes a wider and “permanent” seat, Tate then strapped the muffler to the seat to secure it in place.

Well that was easy, and we were done just in time to pay the Seaflowers a visit and go sailing on their Cal 34 just down the pier from us.

It was such a nice day, breezy and mild. The Jenny and Main both went up and I imagine we were making about 5kts! Perfect. Check out the size of that winch!

Beau decided he’d take the opportunity to dive down and change the zinc. Down went the anchor, kayak and Beau.

Good thing for him and us the zinc looked in good shape! We are on the on the same pier and our zincs have been wet just as long as well. Up came Beau, but down stayed the kayak. It was filled with water during a unsuccessful boarding attempt from the lake. No biggie, we’ll just tow it back to the marina.

With almost everything back on board it was time to lift the sails. Up went the Jenny, up went the Main, and overboard went the last remaining winch handle. Plunk….

LOL, so down went the Main but the Jenny stayed up all the way back into the harbor. It was such a nice, easy sail on a really spacious and cool boat.

We had a blast, thanks Beau and Beka! This is starting to turn into a thing…Sailing for fun.

What have you lost over the side?