Since poor Sundowner is in pieces (and so is my heart), Dani and I have to pick up sailing when and where we can now that racing is over.  Mostly we’ve been forcing ourselves upon the Seaflowers but this weekend Tyler was going to sail Ro’annon from Slidell to Mandeville and back. He kindly offered to have us aboard as “deck apes”.  I think we make pretty good deck apes.  We’ve upgraded from our previous position which was “rail meat”.

We elected to help him on the return trip from Mandeville to Slidell.  So on Sunday morning we drove up there to meet him at the sea wall.

Roannon Hans Christian 33

Ro’annon is looking great.  He just installed a Caphorn windvane and we got to see it in action.  We had to sail pretty far south and take a long tack to make it to the Hwy 11 bridge since the wind was coming almost directly from our destination (isn’t it always).  At first it looked like it would be a bouncy ride but once we got out on the lake the wind settled down and the waves calmed.  We were in for a cloudy but wonderful day for sailing.
Sailing the North Shore

Its weird to steer by the wheel now.
Tate Sailing the North Shore

Tyler letting his windvane steer.  No word yet on if he has given it a name.
Sailing the North Shore caphorn windvane

And Dani at the wheel.
Dani sailing the north shore
Roannon's American Flag

Was a lot of fun, but Dani stubbed her toe on a winch or something.  Ouch!  This of course means she needs another pair of “boat shoes”.
Dani's hurt toe

Every time an unfortunate even occurs, it somehow equates to a new pair of shoes.

PS.  All the rigging parts are on order.  Now I play the long waiting game before restarting the work on the rigging.  In the meantime you’ll have to endure photos of Dani’s toes and dinette tables being painted.