A collection of sailing blogs we have come to love. This list evolves and grows over time including cruisers, refitters, preppers and planners.

Cruising Blogs and Vlogs

CreamPuff – Mark and Cindy begin cruising 2015
Radio Pelican – Jonathan and Claudia Germans sailing the Caribbean
Sailing LaVagabonde – Elayna and Riley sail around the world – YouTube channel
Sailing Pups Westsail 32 – Rob and Sophia sail the Coast of BC a fellow Westsail 32
Salty Kisses – Carly, Carl and kids do the Northwest Passage 2015
Skelton Crew – Jackie and Ron sail from Michigan to the Caribbean 2015
SV Beachhouse – Scott and Nikki complete a circumnavigation
SV Delos – Brian and crew sail an Amel 54 around the world – YouTube channel
SV Estrellita – Livia and Carol in the South Pacific
SV Motu – Our friends Stephen and Marja (many circumnavigations) sailing Western South America
SV Nyon – Kyra and Rick sail to the South Pacific
SV Letitgo – a French family sailing around South Pacific
SV Libertalia – German Phil sets sail with hot crew
SV YOLO – Matt and Coco cruise Mexico
The Nomad Trip – Nate sails the southern Caribbean
Things We Did Today – Dos Libras Tammy and Bruce
White Spot Pirate – Nike sails Karl in the Caribbean – YouTube channel in link
Windtraveler – Brittany, Scott and 3 todlers sail and live in the BVI’s
Yoders Afloat – Steve and Lulu RV and boat it up
Zeitwaerts – Gunther and Gerlinde Austrians travel the Caribbean!

Preparing to Cruise Blogs and Vlogs

Cruising Volare – Adam, Jess and Rocket Dog start cruising from San Diego 2017 YouTube channel
Have Wind Will Travel – Annie and Phillip prepare to cruise – YouTube channel
Little Cunning Plan – Mike and Melissa start sailing 2017
Mid-Life Cruising – Ken and Cheryl in Louisiana
Sail Far Live Free – Kevin on the Great Lakes, a sailing topic variety blog

Vessel Refit Blogs and Vlogs

Dreamboat Annie Westsail 32 – David refits Dreamboat Annie a fellow Westsail
From a Bare Hull, Building a Westsail 42 – Robert refits a W42
Lorilee Westsail 32 – Ryan refits Lorilee a fellow Westsail
Matt and Jessica Sailing – Matt and Jessica refit a boat in Florida
Our life with Ceol Mor – Cidnie and Mark
Rhapsody – Daniel refits a Nor’Sea 27 in TN – YouTube channel
Sabre Dancing – Wolfgang refits a steel boat in Canada
SV Pilgrim – Jeff and Anne Refit a Morgan 382
SV Seeker – Doug Jackson and crew build a 74′ STEEL BOAT- YouTube channel
The Tardis Project – After completing the Great Loop Paul rebuilds a 28ft wooden boat
The Quest for Wind and Waves – Erick refits a Downeaster 38 in St. Augustine Fl