The scene last night after receiving “the shipment”.

Last night after work was over Dani and I ventured out into the urban wilderness of New Orleans to find a massive SAIA shipping station that contained our Christmas presents.  We’d ordered almost everything we need to get under way with the rigging project and its been a long time and a lot of money coming.   The parts came via freight and couldn’t be delivered to a private residence so we had to go pick it up at their shipping facility.  The warehouse was pretty comical, fork lifts zipping back and forth.   But finally after navigating the maze of 18 wheelers and pallets, the destined forklift brought our parts and put them into the back of the truck.

Once we got home, it only took me a couple of minutes to obliterate the boxes and start toying with all of my new parts.

Of course there is the new rigging wire. All neatly cut to length and labeled.

And of course there is all of the new running rigging and new blocks and tackle, new t-tracks for the staysail, new cars, new new new.  New turnbuckle toggles, new chainplates!

But the creme d’la creme is certainly the new bowsprit. I feel like I could redo the 12 days of Christmas with the 12 Days of Sailing.  “On the first day of sailing, my true love gave to me, 1 new bow sprit!  On the second day of sailing my true love gave to me, two new anchor rollers. ”  So on and so forth.

It is absolutely beautiful. Welded on sampson posts. Welded on windlass brackets. Welded on eye band!  Everything is totally closed.  The holes in it have pipe welded in so there is nothing to seal up.

Remember the eye band I was so worried about. Bud had it sleeved and it looks fantastic.

And the weird box of SS we couldn’t hammer off of the bowsprit for the second bobstay? They cut out a piece and welded it directly to the bottom.

Merry Christmas Sundowner.  May your rig always be merry and bright!