We made it! Today was the day to finally put caulk in the companionway hatch seams.

I used the black caulk from Teak Decking Systems and 3M 218 fine line tape for a bond breaker at the bottom of the seam.

It turned out to be extremely windy but I made it work with an elaborate tarp setup. After 5 hours of taping and preparing the hatch Tate broke away from his other project and came out to help me. Thank goodness since this turned out to be a much easier job for 2 than 1.

I made another video which I PROMISE is shorter (12 min) and more exciting. LOL, that is if caulk gets you excited.

For our photos only friends:
Taping the hatch

Bond breaker tape in the seams
Fine line tape in the seams

Laying the seams with a caulk gun
Caulking the companionway hatch seams

Flattening out the seams with a putty knife
Flattening the Companionway hatch seams

Tada! Look how great it turned out!
Companionway hatch complete
Companionway hatch caulk seams

Thankfully we took that last photo before I accidentally stuck my hand in one of the wet seams. Argh!!

I’m sure a lot of people wonder how Tate and I can do so much (stressful) work together and not kill each other. While there is no denying that a refit to this degree of time consumption and dedicated can wear on you and your interactions we try very hard to learn from each other and develop strategies to lessen conflicts in the future. There are not always rainbows over our boat but we do always go home together and in each others arms.

Just like this boat many GREAT things need work and don’t come easy. If it were easy, everybody would do it. We believe there is something better and more awesome out there waiting for us to come explore, something bigger than us both. How lucky I am to have someone wonderful to experience it with.