Its very interesting how precise the terminology revolving around boating is.  The jargon has been born of a need to say very exact things quickly without any room for ambiguity.

Well as you might have guessed, Dani and I had to come to an understanding in our terminology.  “Turn on the radio” was resulting in Dani cranking up the music when I really wanted to hear Channel 16 on VHF.   And the reason we have this current predicament is that we’ve never had both a VHF radio and a stereo at the same time!  So today it was stamped in stone that the VHF radio is “the radio” and the thing that makes music happen is the “stereo”.

Today we headed to Sundowner with our new Standard Horizon GX2100 that we picked up with a RAM3 remote on the recommendation of Steve Yoder.  They like theirs, hopefully we’ll get the same good service from it.  Plus I really wanted the AIS capability.

I went ahead and mounted it above the chart table but under the rail just like I did the stereo.  I really didn’t like having the VHF up on the ceiling like it was before.
Installing the VHF Radio

Dani had to test out the remote mic from out in the cockpit.  This was a big deal for us.  We went as far as purchasing a handheld VHF because while underway we couldn’t hear the radio down at the chart table with the engine running.  Hopefully this little guy will relieve us of the need for all that.
VHF Radio handheld extension

All hooked up and turned on.  Dani should be a product placement guru or something.  She loves getting the product with its box in a single shot.
Horizon VHF Radio installed

How the underside of the rail at the chart table is shaping up.  Notice the bebi light between the stereo and radio.  (don’t mind the wires).
VHF Radio and Fusion Marine Stereo installed

This little light has turned out great.  Its plenty bright and we really like the night light built into it.  We tried to measure the amp draw and laughed at how little it is. But anyway…

I was able to test the VHF both with our hand held and also calling channel 27 which is the Seatow automatic radio check service.  That was cool.  You call on 27 and it activates an “This is Seatow’s automated blah blah blah…” then it repeats back to you what you actually said.  That way you can hear how well you’re transmitting and receiving.  The local automated radio check is over in Slidell so we must be doing pretty good, the reception sounded great.

Have other terms for a stereo?  Radio?