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Like all projects on a boat seem to grow and take a life of their own, I’ve been experiencing a bit of scope creep. Yes yes, even though I know this happens pretty much every time those gears in my head start turning I still cannot hold back. It started with me simply wanting to paint a couple of walls, which lead to refinishing teak and painting, which of course led to repairing veneer damaged on the wood which has inevitably led to me biting the bullet and painting interior lockers. I imagine these lockers haven’t been painted in at least 20 years.

I still have another round of teak oil to apply in the head and vberth and I’d rather not have to come back later with cleaning agents, sandpaper and paint to paint the inside of the lockers.  After reading the comments on the refinishing teak post and seeing Robert over there Building a Westsail 42 From a Bare Hull use it beautifully on his new settee benches I decided to paint the interior lockers with Bilgekote.

Bilgekote, in my opinion is not for faint at heart.  I painted our engine room and bilge with the stuff last summer where perfection didn’t matter.  I found it difficult to work with and couldn’t exactly make it look nice, but it did a damn good job covering those areas, areas never to be really seen.

I was afraid of using it again since last time I was left with paint that never fully cured due to my haphazard approach with little preparation.  Instead I researched other paints and found that people had good things to say about Behr Exterior Enamel Premium Ultra Plus paint and decided to use it for the visible vertical walls in the boat where I needed to ensure a smooth finish.  The Behr paint was great to work with and did allow me to get that perfect finish.

But what about the insides of the lockers?  I mulled around using this paint but in the end decided I did not want to have to paint these lockers again…ever if possible.  The very bottom of our lockers have holes that drain to the bilge in case of water intrusion.  No no Dani stop being stupid and get the good stuff.  And so I did.

Every Friday I get off a half day since I work longer days Monday-Thursday.  Lately this makes Friday’s my big solo project days.  Finally yesterday I hunted down a quart of Interlux Bilgekote and went to the boat with high hopes.   I was going to paint all of the lockers in the vberth and maybe even in the head, with time to spare!  Yeah, maybe not so much. When will I ever learn.
preparation for painting interior lockers
Resolved to stop being stupid I took the time to properly prep the surface, and this began and ended in the biggest vberth cabinet. To prepare the surface for Bilgekote I:

  1. Vacuumed out any lose debris, using a soft brush to get in the cracks and crevices. Next I
  2. Scrubbed the surface with a TSP solution using a Scotch Brite pad and sponge and
  3. “Rinsed” the areas off using a sponge with water and lots of towels.  Then I
  4. Sanded the area with a 180 wet/dry hand sander thingy, wiped clean with acetone and let dry. Next I
  5. Taped off areas not to be painted and anywhere I thought I’d need to use as a handhold. Then
  6. Painted carefully using a foam roller and paint brush.

While I was more confident in using Bilgekote this time, I am still very glad with my decision to use the Behr on visible vertical surfaces because I just cannot get the Bilgekote to get that perfect finish. Good thing it doesn’t matter inside the lockers. This one particular locker has a full wall of teak strips, another side of veneer teak with the 2 other sides being some other kind of cheap wood. It also has an upper and lower level divided by a drop board which I removed for easy access. I also removed the sliding doors on the front.

I decided not to paint over the teak strips or teak veneer since teak is oily and it’s just a sin. Instead I TSP’ed and Starbrite Cleaned the teak in prep for oiling later. I sanded and roughed up all the other wood, preferring to leave only painted or oiled surfaces. I’m hoping this will minimize mold growth.

The locker was not particularly easy to paint as it had many many surfaces and two ceilings also requiring paint. As well as the parts right behind the front which I had to get in the cabinets and turn around to paint.

I was somewhat of a contortionist but managed to get it all done and drying with a fan in 5 hours. I am very pleased with the result, but it still needs a second coat.
Painting interior lockers
I’ll go back another day, probably next Friday to apply the second coat and start on the other lockers. I won’t be going this weekend because today is Tate’s birthday!! My wonderful husband who I love dearly turns 31 today and we are going to parte!

First a surprise, then a steak dinner at arguably one of the best places in New Orleans followed by an evening out doing one of his favs, cigars and scotch at a local cigar bar. What joy! Lemon Drop martini’s while surrounded by the sweet smell of quality cigars enjoying the company of a man who loves me more than I could ever imagine. I will never take this fore granted 🙂