Everything sounds better when its an operation and not just an outing.  Right?

Anyway, we were determined that we’d get to go try out our new dinghy this weekend come hell or high water.  The weather was not great, but at least it wasn’t raining and it wasn’t as windy as it has been in the past week.  So all signs pointed to go.

Yesterday Dani and I brought the outboard to the boat and found it a home.

This outboard was a little bigger than the others we put in this space so to make it fit we had to

  • relocate the life ring to the other side
  • remove a cross wire
  • change a bolt that was sticking out too far

Luckily it >just< fits into its new home.  I’m not really sure why those cross wires are there on our boat.  I’ve never seen them on another Westsail’s boom gallows and they don’t appear to do much since the top piece holds everything together anyway.  I’m not going to fret about taking it apart.  You can see above that I left the other wire.

We oiled and gassed up the outboard while putting it onboard and then went home, choosing to take our chances that Sunday would have better weather.

Well at least it wasn’t quite as windy.  After getting the boat out we started to assemble it in the parking lot area which quickly drew bystanders that were curious as to the weird little object of our attentions.

Setup the second time was MUCH faster and easier than the first.  Our setup time reduced from 15 minutes to like 10.  And nobody cussed.

Into the water.  I fixed the oarlocks too!

We rowed our way to our slip and were rewarded with a rare sight for us, Sundowner from on the water.

Loading the new outboard onto the dingy was a cinch.  On the second pull it fired and dropped to a quiet idle.  I gave it plenty of time sitting there running as recommended for break in before we went on our little tour of the marina.

Slipping into shallow water we dare not take Sundowner.

Dani in charge.  About to wreck into something no doubt.

It was a little too wet, a little too windy, a little too cold, and a little too much chop for us to stay out too long.  But overall, I have to say we were VERY happy with the porta-bote.  That little sucker rows like a champ, motors swiftly, and it is very stable.  The question that remained for us was… Will it fit?  Will it be hard to get onboard?  When faced with such a stunning success one must look for the cracks in your brilliant plans.  Our minds were swimming with doubts as we arrived at Sundowner.

First the outboard back onboard, then the boat.  You can see I literally just pulled it on deck.  It only weighs like 50lbs.

We also threw it up on the foredeck to see how it would stow unfolded.  It fits just fine but with the windlass back on it might not.  we’ll have to see.

After pulling the staysail boom off to the side we actually had plenty of room to break it down.

And then the coup-de-grace!  We folded it up and slipped it smartly into the mast bun-hugger where it fit perfectly.  Its totally out of the way in this spot.

Man driving around the marina and having fun with new toys is hard work.  Time to relax.

We found these foldable chairs on sale for 12 bucks + shipping for the pair.  They worked great.  Dani was happy.  That means I’m happy.

Also.  Pelicans. 

PS.  We’ve been working on reformatting the blog for aesthetics and navigation functionality.  Let us know what you think!

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