In just over a week I am going to be without a car! That’s one short e away from without a care. Tate was able to strike up a deal over steaks and wine and got my little Corolla sold! Yippee. After next Monday we’ll be a one car, or truck in this matter, family. Since Tate is still working (trying to finish a big project) we’ll be truckpooling to work until we leave or until he finally throws in the towel, which is any day now. Progress towards leaving land life has become more real with the selling of our car. There’s no backing out now! (haha as if THAT would happen).

NEWS FROM THE VACCINE FRONT: Tate successfully got the second Hepatitis B shot last Thursday without much side effect at all which is GREAT! It was the 2nd Hep B shot when he was a teenager that made him so ill doctors advised him to never get shots again thinking he had serum sickness. Well whatever side effects he currently experiences seem to be manageable which make me sleep easier.

The week before Christmas and New Years we have an appointment with the local Passport Health travel clinic to get the Yellow Fever and Typhoid fever vaccines which will be that last we get in the country. I’m still waiting for and donating money to the Mosquito Vaccine Foundation in hopes one day they’ll create something that will make me an unappetizing meal. Maybe one day.

Life on the boat really just gets better and better, granted we are just in a marina (not a very protected one though!). Things that seemed to take a long time now don’t bother me as much, I’m getting used to it I suppose which I’ve heard happens. About once a week I grind up four full bowls of coffee beans to use for our coffee. Each bowl takes about 5 minutes so all together about 20 minutes. Not a bad thing to do sitting in the cockpit watching the water plus it’s a minor arm workout.
Coffee grinder storage, Life on the boat

Making the actual coffee takes a bit longer with the AeroPress but it is oh so good. Each “round” of the Aero Press procedure yields about 16 ounces or 2 “literal cups” of coffee. Typically I will only make us each a 16 ounce cup but sometimes if I’m feeling frisky I’ll make Tate another 16 ounces and keep it in a small thermos until he’s ready for it. Men are more productive with coffee.
Tate making Aeropress coffee

At home we’d definitely drink around 32 ounces of coffee each in the morning (or more) but I don’t mind cutting my consumption in half, it’s probably healthier that way. If I want more I can just make it later…although since we turn the propane on and off at the outside tank we try to utilize the stove in “batches” to minimize the up and down out of the boat. When the propane is on we make everything we can think of including coffee and boiling water for the carafe (which stays hot enough all day to make tea with).

We have started to keep eggs out of the fridge right now in a little tupperware container or the carton they come in. Later we’ll store them in the egg tupperware I got from lock and lock. Every 2 days or so I flip the container so the eggs are turned over, which is the method for keeping eggs out of the fridge. You have to keep the shell inside saturated with the eggs protein so that it doesn’t dry out, letting air inside which spoils it. So far we’ve keep eggs for about 5 days with no issue.

We LOVE eggs. They are cheap, healthy and taste oh so good all hot and creamy. YUM, I want some right now just writing about it.
Orange and eggs

While we are talking about food let me tell you about my recent discovery. FREEZE DRIED VEGETABLES! They are the bomb. A while ago Tate suggested I look into freeze dried foods to bring on the boat to supplement our diet and help with long term food storage. I researched and tried “Harmony House” freeze dried veggies which I absolutely LOVE. These aren’t the prepared meals with all the sodium and other stuff, They are simply vegetables that are freeze dried. I’ve tried the cabbage (my favorite), bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and celery.
Freeze dried veggies

A little bit goes a long way and I really like that you can just use a little at a time instead of having to use the whole veggie to cook something. They might be a bit more expensive than store bought fresh ones but not that much to me. A 12-16 ounce jar is around $12 and it seems like it would last months but most importantly it doesn’t go bad and tastes great. I’m kind of hooked. Of course we’ll buy fresh stuff if we can but I’ve read alot of the time it’s hard to find good fresh veggies.

I’m so happy we moved aboard a couple of months before we planned to leave. I have rearranged things many times onboard and am finally happy with where everything is now. It won’t be hard to stow all the items below to sail yet things are still accessible and comfortable. We are also seeing just how much power we need to live. Since we moved we haven’t been hooked up to “Shore Power” at all. Our boat actually can’t even accept shore power, so shore power for us is just an extension cord with a power strip.

Yep, all of our power needs have been fulfilled with an old 50 watt solar panel… but we have yet to hook up the Engel Fridge and use many sailing instruments. We know we need more than 50 watts so the only project we are working on (which is the last major one) is getting the solar hooked up. Tate is 2/3 of the way there already and I can’t wait to show you when it’s done. I might even blow dry my hair on camera to demonstrate.

This weekend I picked up a platypus named Perry who wants to hitch a ride as the Cabin Cuddler in order to see the world. Don’t worry Perry, you can come with us.
Perry the platypus

We spend more time outside now then we have in many years under our covered cockpit drinking coffee, reading or perhaps watching the birds, water and clouds roll across the sky. It’s really relaxing and Tate and I both remark how easily hours slip away just sitting here. What is it about the water and nature that seems to draw humans in? How is it that we can just sit here totally content being on the water? It’s an interesting phenomena that I’m not the first to question.

Maybe we’ll find the answer out there, or maybe we’ll just sit here another hour.
Sunday evening hanging out