The difference is crystal clear.  In years gone by I’m sure these 8 watt fluorescent lights were considered energy savers and the superior solution.
Fluorescent vs LED

Compared to our new Bebi lights they seem to be bulky energy pigs.   I know its strange to consider 8 watts a lot of power, but our new lights use almost no juice.  And they look pretty sweet.  And they are a lot smaller.
Bebi LED light

You’ll have to excuse the nasty looking step behind the stove in this photo, but you’ll get the idea.
Fluorescent vs LED installed

After installing these guys tonight we were so happy to see Sundowner in “soft” white light instead of Office Space white.  We were also having a good laugh at how we had the stereo blaring, the chart table light, both new lights we installed, an anchor light, and finally another Bebi not pictured here all on and we weren’t pulling an amp yet.  We were dialed in at like -.93 amps.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to install a light above the settee table and possibly start to see about lighting in the head and the vberth.

But for now… Lights out!