Last night we decided to go for a sail.  Despite the forecast front moving towards us rapidly from the North, we wanted to get out on the lake and have some nautical type fun.  After everything was packed up we headed out into the lake.  Beau has successfully repaired his Atomic 4 so it was nice to be able to motor safely, though we shut it down pretty early and managed to start the sail in absolutely wonderful conditions.

Sorry about the photo quality in this post.   The moon was bright enough even when hidden by the clouds that it was like having the spreader lights on. 
Night Sailing Seaflower

After about an hour of happy and leisurely sailing the front arrived.  The wind kept picking up and picking up and the temperature was plummeting.  I believe we ended up in around 15kt winds with full sail up.  A perfect opportunity to reef.  The only problem was that no one on board Seaflower had ever reefed Seaflower.  So that means we spent a lot of time heeled over getting details sorted out.

Seaflower Night sailing in cockpit

In the end, Beau sorted out his reefing system successfully and we continued along in relative comfort.

Seaflower reefed main at night

The wind and waves got colder and  everyone started to look a little green in the gills.  Knowing that our time on the water was done, we decided to head back in.  It was pretty rolly heading in and I think everyone was happy to get back to the dock.   We sailed almost all the way in, not really putting the motor into gear until right before heading into the fairway to dock.

I tried to congratulate Beau on his docking performance but once again he displayed only aggression towards me.

Beau and Tate

And finally we played a bit of Scrabble before calling it a night.

Playing Scrabble on Seaflower after night sailing

Are we weird for setting off in the dead of night into a cold front with 20kt winds forecast?  We certainly were the only boat on the water.  But hey, we have a great time.