A quick update from the Sundowners via cell phone (andriod if inquiring minds want to know).

Here we are at anchor near Rabbit Island, a bit past the Rigolets railroad bridge southeast of Slidell, La. We left New Orleans yesterday around 10:30 am and headed northeast.

We raised the Main and the Yankee only to drop the Yankee and the Main after it got stormy as hell with lots of wind. We were heeled over 20 degrees, jibed once but ended up fine.  I have to say it was the most “scared” I’ve been so far on our boat.

Tate rigged the reef lines and a while later we raised the double reefed main and motored sailed around 6 knots until we approached the Rigolets, where the current was headed West while we were headed East.  That slowed us to 3.5 knots.  We made it past the Rigolets rail bridge around 5:30 and out into super rolling waters…wouldn’t be fun to sail in that for 12 hours straight.  Instead we made a quick south turn and found our safe anchorage located on our Honeymoon cruise.

We dropped Jefe (our Manson Boss 60 lber) and he’s held like a champ.  I took Steve Yoders advice and remembered to set the anchor drag alarm as soon as Tate dropped the anchor.  I was steering the boat.

The trip over here was incredibly stormy and our foul weather jackets were utilitzed to the max..Two thumbs up for those. No seasickness to report. Tate is wearing a Scopolamine patch and I taking half a Scopace pill twice a day.  Without these the conditions yesterday would have definitly made us sick.  Two thumbs and two toes up for those!

Initially yesterday we wanted to make it all the way to Ship Island (South of Mississippi) but for safety we parked it here.  We thought about leaving this morning to go further east but the weather really looked bad, so instead we obeyed Mother Nature and will head out tomorrow.

We’ve been having a fine time playing chess, scrabble and finding leaks.

The weather finally seems calmer now and we’ll head east early (5am) tomorrow and see how far we can get. Hopefully to Mobile Bay. We’ll anchor again and hopefully make it to Perdido Key early Tuesday:)

How fortuate I feel to experience these “scary” new experiences on our boat in such a safe area here.  No cliffs, rocks, reefs or freezing water here to concern us.  Only silty bottom are marsh lands.

We did see about 12 porpoise splashing around.  Super cool!  I love adventures..looking forward to tomorrow.

Dani and Tate