Dani's Mom
Back in May right before our trip to Orange Beach my mom came into town to make a custom Magma propane grill cover. You see we are lucky in a sense because my mom works with canvas, and she’s good.  In fact before moving onto a sailboat here 3 years ago to help my sister out with her two sons, she lived in the Florida Keys on a sailboat for 7 years and worked at a canvas shop making cushions, biminis, dodgers, and other various canvas creations.

My mom first introduced me to life aboard a sailboat.  I still remember the day when she called me from the east coast of Florida to tell me she was moving down to the Keys.  A year later she called again to tell me she was moving onto a sailboat.  “To live?” I asked, sort of in disbelief.  “Well yes” she casually responded “It’s a normal thing down here, tons of people live aboard.” Wow I thought, this was this was the first time I had ever heard of it.

Powerboats dominate 50 fold in Southeast Louisiana so this was new to me.  A few years after she moved aboard in the Keys, about 8 years ago, I went to visit for a week and had an AMAZING time!  You can see some of the pictures including snokerling and loberstering at the bottom of the Our Life photos page.

While we were there we stayed on her boat and enjoyed much of what the Keys had to offer.  It totally opened my eyes to the Cruising lifestyle.  My mom continues to live on a sailboat on the Northshore of Lake Ponchartrain.  While helping my sister Franny with the two little ones (my nephews are now 3 and 1) she still aspires to spend her future days in the Tropics, granted she can find that special someone who loves cruising as much as she does;)

She introduced us to Tyler who taught us so much aboard his Hans Christian 33′ sailboat in Lake Ponchartrain and in North Carolina on the Albemarle Sound. These were some of our first experiences on a “big sailboat”.  

She brought her canvas skills with her to Louisiana and opened a business with a little shop called The Basic Bag where she continues to work with canvas but focuses on her creation of colorful bags in all shapes and sizes made out of Sunbrella and Phifertex mesh. I personally own one of each style. They are super durable and perfect for boats.

She also made us our fancy custom Jib Bag that sits on the bow of our boat.
custom jib canvas bag
Now we have a custom grill cover sewn with thread that doesn’t rot.  
Making Pattern for Magma Propane grill cover.
Pattern for Magma propane grill cover.
Finished Magma propane grill cover.
Since all of the sails are off the boat it’s a perfect time to begin the process of redoing the canvas. We need to replace the sail covers, hatch covers, the dodger and bimini as well as other modifications I have in mind.

My mom’s shop is the perfect place for me to learn the tricks of the trade over the next 28 months so I can do this myself. Tate and I are seriously considering getting a portable sewing machine for the boat. I imagine it will pay for itself time and time again, and be priceless in the number of friends we end up making:D
Dani and her mom Robin