And the air is 95 degrees with a heat index well into the triple digits at the moment.  I guess sweat is in the air too.

This week has been pretty rough.  On Wed we woke up with no electricity.  The coffee maker had melted, the main breaker had tripped, and the central AC at our condo was dead (compressor blown up).  Probably a lightning hit.  Better the condo than the boat I say.  But in any event, it makes for hot work.  I work at home.  And this little window AC unit we bought can keep my office at a chilly 79 degrees.  It could be worse.

Also on Wed, our racing Skipper Glenn couldn’t make it, the first mate had to cancel, Alan was supposed to come into town but cancelled, and I wasn’t going to go single hand the boat so I had to cancel my usual stress relief that is racing.  Bummer.

After Dani lamented some projects that left her frustrated, I decided that something had to be done.  There was just too much negativity flowing.  To put our project back in proper shape I did the one thing that I knew would again restore Dani’s full happiness.  I brought out the credit card.  

You see since the mast must be removed… I had best make the most of it.  And I decided that instead of rebuilding the regular boomkins on the back of the boat we’d replace them.  Long discussions had been had over how to mount additional solar panels.  My plan had initially been to add a solid rail between the boom gallows and the wind generator towers and then mount them on that.  Right behind the existing panels.
Sundowner's current boomkin

But with an all new boomkin going on the boat, why not just add an arch?  I mean… All the straight tailed boats do it.  Why should we double enders suffer?   So what to do?  I called Bud at

He came back with the answer.
new boomkin drawing

Basically this replaces the wooden boomkins that bolt through the deck with a stainless steel frame that bolts through the hull. So it clears some deck space. It also has the arch welded onto it and provides a solid top line to bolt to the boomgallows. It should be the perfect place to expand our solar. It also comes with mounting plates for the wind vane.

new boomkin example
new boomkin example 2

You may be asking yourself… But but but Tate, how will the main sheet work after you remove the boomkins? Well maybe you weren’t asking that. But I have the answer! There will be a hoop welded ontop of the new boomkin frame.

new boomkin example 3

We’ll route our main sheet to it and use some fiddle blocks and a becket for main trim, doing away with the current winch in the cockpit. Nice huh?

I’m also picking up some extra goodies like new track cars, some blocks, a spinnaker bail for the mast.

Now with all that glimmering new shiny metal on the horizon, Dani has no choice but to be happy! The only problem is that love is in the air. Last weekend I was in a wedding. This weekend I have a bachelor party to attend. Next weekend I’m in another wedding! Jeez, when will I find time for Sundowner. Fear not. The wheels of refit turn slowly, but they do turn.