This blog has mostly been geared toward engine room and exterior refit but fun times are ahead as I begin to plot the interior refit.  One of the items on my wish list is new foam for our salon and V-berth cushions.  The V-berth isn’t the only place we sleep, in fact the dinette table drops down and the back rests fill in for a great full size sleeping area (the most coveted of all sleeping berths) and the two long starboard side settees are also perfect for sleeping.
Dinette table on Sundowner
Now the existing cushions we have are not terribly uncomfortable per say, but after spending many nights and days sitting and sleeping on them I find my limbs, hips and shoulders go numb. That’s no good! Cushions are something that will get used everyday and in my opinion are high on the priority list for comfort. I’m ok without running water and air conditioning but to wake up every morning with an arm I swear has died just isn’t going to cut it!

When we first purchased Sundowner the cushions had soaked up the awful diesel smell that inundated the boat, and I took many months cleaning the foam and canvas to get it back in working order.  The covers are just fine, but the foam inside could use an upgrade.
Dani on boat cushion reading
I’ve researched all the various possibilities over the past two years from regular foam to memory foam(which is out because it’s too hot), and have even toyed with the idea of leaving them as is to save cost (Pound wise, circulation poor?).  But then I heard about The Foam Factory, recommended on Cruiser’s Forum and by Cidnie from Our Life with Ceol Mor, offering 100% Talalay Latex foam mattress 1-3 inch toppers with two firmness choices; Soft 20ILD or Medium 32 ILD.  They have very reasonable prices with a 3 inch King Size topper around $350.

Latex Foam specifically is an animal all by itself, varying in Density and “ILD: Indentation Load Deflection”.  Density can range from 3-15 lbs/cubic foot and ILD has the follow scales:

  • Soft 20 ILD – 24.99 ILD
  • Medium 25 ILD – 29.99 ILD
  • Firm 30 ILD – 34.99 ILD
  • Extra Firm 35 ILD – 41.99 ILD

4 inch boat cushion measurement
All of our cushions are about 4″ thick maybe a little thicker in the Vberth, so I have really 2 options, #1 somehow cut 2-3 inches off the existing foam horizontally then add a 2-3 inch Latex toppers cut to size, or #2 throw out the existing foam all together and layer two toppers together that equal 4  inches”.

Option #1 (estimated total cost $700 for 2 King size toppers)
Now like I said the existing foam is firm and in fine shape.  I would prefer to simply cut 3 inches off and slide a 3 inch Soft 20ILD topper inside, zip it up and call it a day!  Does anyone have any ideas on how to make a level cut like that?  I was thinking perhaps a company has a laser cutter around here, but i’m not sure.  Also should we just add a 2 inch Soft 20 ILD topper or a 3inch?

Option #2 (estimated total cost $1,400 for 4 King size toppers)
Layering two toppers would of course be more expensive and I’d have to decide on the combinations below:

  • 2 inches Soft 20 ILD on top of 2 inches of Medium 32 ILD OR
  • 3 inches Soft 20 ILD on top of 1 inch of Medium 32 ILD

The biggest question in my mind is how to layer it.  We are both side sleepers and Tate prefers the bed kinda soft.  Do we go with the 3 inch Soft 20 ILD topper no matter what or will it be too soft?  Does anyone out there have any tips or advice they can share about redoing interior cushions? How about the Foam Factory?  I read mixed reviews and their prices are nearly half of the competitors…kinda makes me suspicious.

Either way I’m super excited about the possibility of making more comfortable cushions for the boat.  My wonderful husband is frugal in so many ways but gives a little when he knows it’s so important to me.  Not to mention it’s hard to sail with a one armed wife.