Mmmmm, kiwi for breakfast. That’s just what I was thinking when I woke up at 8 am this morning to get ready for boatwork. I hoped I could make Tate’s mouth water too as I raised the shade and gently rallied him out of bed. We didn’t want to wait any longer and picked today, early to beat the HEAT, to finish our kiwigrip project. A small pot of coffee and off we headed to the marina.

If you can remember a couple of weeks ago we ran out of kiwigrip with the starboard side left to paint. Armed with another can we sanded, washed and taped the deck again.
Full deck finished with kiwigrip

We moved the tape just a bit wider than the current paint edge to minimize the paint removed when the tape was pulled up. Around 9:30 am we began painting in probably 85 degree weather with 70% humidity. Absolutely perfect conditions to apply a waterbased paint.
Kiwigrip starboard before

We learned a lot from the time before and worked quicker and more efficiently. Tate removed the kiwigrip from the can with a plastic trowel, spread the goo about 1/8″ thick in most places moving forward while I came after and rolled it with the loopey goopey roller. I would continue to roll what he spread out but go back and reroll each area once to keep the texture from sagging too much in the humidity. It came out really great!
Kiwigrip starboard finished

It was easy and came out better than the rest of deck painted before which is probably why they suggest you practice. But really, who has time for practice?
Kiwigrip starboard finished looking aft
Kiwigrip whole deck

Now FINALLY the whole deck is covered and no bungs are exposed. It’s a really good feeling and consolation to the fact that we were dripping sweat all over the deck. Just like that, lickety split, the summer is here. Cooler breezes await in only 18 months, now what to do with the rest of a whole weekend day? It’s been so long I’ve forgotten how to sit around. Maybe a nap, yes definitely a nap is calling my name.

P.s. I have been SO busy lately so I’m sorry for the lack of comments to all those blogs I read out there. I haven’t even found time yet to call my Dad to set up father’s day tomorrow, so Dad if you are reading this, I hope I can see you tomorrow afternoon. I’ll call you later.