Another day another tree. Seriously one of the things that has struck the most about Key West is how many different and exotic tree species there are. I don’t think I’ve seen a single tree that we have in Louisiana down here, makes sense after all as we are so much farther south but even going the same distance north of Louisiana you don’t find such a wild and drastically different variety. Maybe it’s a tropical thing. It’s exciting to my eyes and interests me to no end. I literally walk around the streets in awe at what’s growing on the next corner. For being such a busy city they do a wonderful job at preserving the greenery.

Take for example this view of Duval street. Often compared to Bourbon street with the number of bars, restaurants and 7 day a week partying. Multiple cruise ships arrive everyday letting anywhere from four to fifteen thousand off, many of them going on this street. But just look how CLEAN it is.
Duval Street

So all you tree lovers…We are leaving tomorrow and don’t know when we’ll have internet again. Can you help me identify these trees? I wonder if we’ll see them all throughout the islands as we travel.

Mystery Tree #1
Tree 01

Mystery Tree #2
Tree 02

Mystery Tree #3
Tree 03

Mystery Tree #4
Tree 04

Mystery Tree #5
Tree 05

And the one that takes the cake of any trees we saw the whole time is this monstrosity, right out of a fairy tale. #06
Tree 06

Other than tree spotting Tate and I have been walking around the city to enjoy the local fare and also to get groceries etc. We ran across a familiar site at the Cajun Kitchen. Tate got an alligator poboy with tater-tots while I carried on dialouge with the resident “Cajun Parrot” Skittles. He could only say hello so the conversation was one sided but you know, it’s a talking parrot named Skittles. All he has to do is be fabulous which requires no effort.
Cajun Kitchen front
Skittles the Parrot

On Taco Tuesday we were tipped by a local that a joint called Charlie Mac had all day $2 pulled pork tacos. We made our way over and found it wasn’t on the menu you just have to be in the know. They were SOO damn good we started with 10 and order another 5. 15 tacos for $30, you just can’t beat that.
Pulled pork at a bar 2 bucks

We spent Superbowl Sunday at the Rum Bar with our good friend Tyler from back home who just happened to fly into to Key West on a business trip. Tate mostly drank “Bahama Bob’s Barrel Juice” which is Rum and, as far as I could tell, Acetone. I stuck with my new favorite drink, the Dark and Stormy. It’s ginger beer, rum and a lime…so so good.
150 rum bar

To top off our very last night on the Key West we met some friends just looking at art through a window. They were about our age and lived and went to college in Key West. They were both former military (Navy and Army) and one thing led to another until we were all at a loud bar drinking more rum with pineapple. We hit it off and invited them back to the boat. Let’s just say the dinghy made it, but barely. Earlier in the day we filled up both 5 gal water jugs and a 5 gal diesel jug. The guy was 230, the chick 130, Tate 230, me at 130 plus the motor at 40 put us at a total weight of 880 lbs. The weight limit of the dinghy is 485. But you know we live dangerously, ha.

We turned on the music and proceeded to have our own little boat party with perfect weather and a beautiful moon. We talked about life and what awaited each of us. It was a special and unlikely meeting. Funny enough me and guy are Tauruses and Tate and the girl are Scorpios, what are the chances? Shockingly when we discovered it was 4:30am Tate brought them back to the dock and we went to bed. Let me tell you who DID NOT wake up for 8am coffee. It was so much fun:).

We have enjoyed our time here in Key West immensely! Every day seemed to bring fun new adventures (minus large knives) and this place has really grown on us but I am happy to announce that we are leaving tomorrow morning! The dinghy is on the boat and we take off tomorrow at 8am.
Dinghy on the boat ready for sea

We have NO idea when we’ll have internet again so please if you want updates follow us on Facebook where we’ll post updates via the Delorme. You can also track our route on the “Where’s Sundowner” page.

I know we’ve said this before but since we are actually leaving the USA our internet will be irregular and we will go long periods without being able to respond to comments, but I love to read them when I get the chance. Thanks and see you somewhere south!

Sunset and full moon tonight.
Full moon at fleming key
Christmas tree island