A line of Sailboats at New Orleans Marina
As Sundowner sits in her slip waiting for cool weather, we continue to race aboard Quest every Wednesday and sometimes on the weekend.

Quest is at a different marina than Sundowner so this past Wednesday was the first time Tate and I were able to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Isaac.  This marina is more protected so the boats seemed to fare better, although plenty had damage on the leeward side.

A couple of boats had ripped sails, were wrecked into the dock or sank all together.
Sailboat with a ripped Genoa
Sailboat Wrecked
Capsized Boat
Not as many people showed up for this race, probably on account of the boat damage, but ever the determined we arrived.  Unfortunately determination doesn’t guarantee a good start and somehow we started a good 45 seconds behind the “others” in our class.  Oh well, let use this race for practice.  Finally after two spinakker races without hoisting the spinakker the winds finally cooperated and up she went.  This was a first time deal for us in an actual race.

I monkeyed out on the bow, attached the spinnaker bag then handed the reigns over to a more experienced spinnaker guy and watched.  It went up without a hitch as I tried to take in the logistics of it.

A Spinnaker video for our collection Music by Eric Clapton (another of our favorites):

It was fairly nice sailing weather, although I got seasick again due to the rolly conditions and an empty stomach.  UGH!  I can’t wait to get over that.  In the future I’ll bring quarter tabs of motion sickness meds.

The KICKER:  While determination won’t guarantee a good start it got us 2nd place! 

Out of 3 boats, but whose counting?

Sunset on Lake Pontchartrain