Okay, so maybe I wasn’t talking about music and drugs, but hell, this boat work stuff seems like it could be sometimes.  Today was a lot of heavy lifting, grunting, and groaning.

When I was in high school I worked for a landscaper and there was this old short fella named Mack who would always tell us that we got 20% more power if we grunted when trying to move something heavy.  He called it “bowing up”.  And today was definitely a bow up sorta day.

Last night we bought 4x 220ah 6v batteries at Sam’s.  And today we hauled them to the boat.  God bless the little dock cart for making it to the end of the pier with 280lbs worth of lead and acid on its poor little back.

We hauled them onboard.

Back in the lair.  I started the process of the battery install by removing the fiddles (maybe chocks?) from the old battery shelf.  I also had to remove the starboard side cockpit drain to have room to slide things in.

Test fitting the battery box.  Dani is also snooping on progress.

To secure the battery box (which is the ONLY box I found that will hold four batteries at once), I decided to use a rope arrangement similar to the previous battery hold down setup.  However, I passed the rope through the new box by drilling four holes high up the walls.

Once I was satisfied by the hold down system I had “engineered”, it was time for the heavy lifting.  I made handles for all the batteries and made a hoist off of the boom down to the box.

To get the batteries in the box it would have to be partway off of the shelf for a time and I didn’t want that weight on anything.  So I rigged lines over the boom to the box to take the weight.

Once the batteries were all in I installed the flowrite system, the series/parallel jumpers, and the MRBF block.

The Flow-rite system is pretty cool.  It replaces the normal battery water caps with some custom caps that allow water to be pumped in but cut off when full.  The whole system just connects up to a bulb and you can pump it in.  You can imagine that in an install like ours it would be near impossible to maintain the water levels otherwise.

Once the box was in place and I was satisfied with the position we tied off the rope hold downs on the back side of the bulk head.

The result of today’s bowing up.

Looks ugly.  But a damn sight better than what was previously there!  And besides, now we have 440 glorious amp hours of power to use.  As a side note, I tested each of the batteries before putting them in, then retested the bank from the main terminal connections I’ll use.  Came out at 12.69v.  Perfect.

What’s your voltage?