For the first time in a long time, I’m taking an extended vacation.  I had 2 weeks of time left I HAD to take off of work or I’d lose it, so I took the final two weeks of the year off.  Its the first time in over a year and a half I’ve taking more than 2 days in a row off.

I resolved that I’d make good use of this time and spend it doing things like lounging around in my pajamas, reading books, having a rum at like 2pm.  Maybe I could even raid the multihull forums on the sailing websites and harass those guys with arguments about why monohulls are just soooo much better. You know, the good stuff, but in the end I couldn’t hold off the need to do something.  So I went to pay a visit to Sundowner and begin work on the head I promised to install by Christmas.

In the beginning, there was a Lavac head which I’d previously removed along with all of its shit clogged plumbing.  A truly nasty job.  This left a little pedestal that the old Lavac had been mounted upon.  

Dani had been rigging the old porta potty on top of this thing with a horrid Frankenstein of zip ties and rubber bungee cords.  I’ll let your imaginations run free with that one.

I’d been contemplating removing the entire wooden base and just mounting the new head directly to the fiberglass floor, or perhaps on top of the wooden base with a board cut to size.  As it turned out, the top part of the wooden base was simply glued on, and after ripping it off….

The new head fit perfectly on the bottom half of the wooden base.

It took a good while to chisel the top part of the old lavac mount off of the bottom part of the wooden base.  Then it took even longer to chip as much of the old glue off and get a smooth underlying surface.  Eventually I’ll let Dani come back and paint over it so it isn’t so ugly.  But it does seem solid and I totally lucked out that it was the perfect size for the base of the head.

Here she is installed. 

Now comes the hard part.  This head must be vented to the outside of the boat.  In the manual it says to use a big active vent.

OPTION 1.  I was thinking of taking over the glass in the top of the room and installing one of those active solar vents in the hole.    The downside is that the vacuum vent hose would run up the wall and I’d have to cut a hole in the rack above the head where it could pass through.  The upside is that I could use a solar vent and it wouldn’t require battery wiring. Also it would be a vent the size called for by the manufacturer.

Option 2.  I’ve seen other W32s use the thru hull vent behind the sink to vent the head.  They make a big plenum for a computer fan which is then wired to the batteries to force air from the head through this 5/8″ thru hull vent.  Its way under what is called for by the manufacturer but would result in a much “cleaner” looking room since all the “plumbing” happens behind the cabinetry.

Vacation is fun isn’t it?