One of the jobs I really wanted to get completed before we got down to the part where we start putting backing plates on the new boomkin was easing access to the engine room.  Now the W32 has a great hatch to access the engine room through the cockpit well but we had two problems.

First, to use the hatch was a real bear.  The hatch itself must weigh 40 or more pounds and its a size and shape that make it awkward and hard to carry and lift out of the cockpit.  Dani is always sure she is about to lose a hand before we lift it up or set it back down.  Secondly, the hatch is leaky.  Due to ancient gaskets…

Well as you may recall we bought a Bomar locking hatch a while back, so finally we dug it out of its hiding place deep in a closet and set off to the boat.

Eventually and unfortunately, our new Hero3+ camera ran out of batteries.  But we hope you enjoy the video.  I’m trying to improve my photography skill.  I don’t think its working but at least its fun to video or time lapse photo our process.

After we got the hole cut in the hatch,  we fitted up the ring by shaving the sides until it fit just right.

And finally we get it back in place ontop of that new and hopefully leak proof gasket. I used a gasket with a hollow center instead of the old foam rubber kind that it had replaced.

And finally what it looks like with the hatch in hatch shut.

Check out that sweet seafoam green color that the hatch was painted once upon a time.

With the temperatures dropping deep into the 30s F range tonight we decided against caulking everything in and will save that job for later on in the week. But it felt good to make some small progress.

As a caveat, the last thing we did before leaving was to remove the last piece of hardware in the way of the boomkin. So next time we go to the boat to work, it will be to drill those dreaded holes in the hull in prep to mount up that precious boomkin. Keep your fingers crossed, its coming!