5 foot steady swell

Tate has taught me well, oh yes, just how to plant that seed. He planted the seed of sailing around the world early in our relationship and I took notes knowing this was a skill I could one day use for myself. My time came shortly after the conclusion of last year’s Harvest Moon Regatta. We had so much fun racing along the coast of Texas in a fellow Westsail 32 and I desperately wanted to do it again, the following year. But NO Tate said, we’ll have too much to do, too much to finish up in order to leave on our big trip. It would be fun but we just can’t take the time. OK you are probably right I replied secretly knowing I wouldn’t give up.
2013 Harvest Moon Regatta Tee Shirt

Every couple of months since last October I’d remind him of the excitement each large wave brought upon us and the boat and of the full moon high in the sky at night lighting the way to a possible victory! How special it was to meet other sailors, each with many stories and to recount the feeling of being 20 miles offshore while watching a storm stir up the seas, putting the Westsail to the test. She rode those large waves like it’s what she was made for, just like us, we are made for this sort of adventure.

A couple of months ago the time finally came and Skipper Todd Johnson with SV Morning Sun called upon us to join him again as crew on his sailing ship. We could delay no more and finally at last I had convinced Tate that we could go. That we had worked long and hard on Sundowner and we deserved this mini adventure. Sundowner is almost ready and we can always work on her later but we won’t always get to go on this race.

And so it is with utter joy and sheer delight that I announce Tate and I are crewing aboard Morning Sun again in the Harvest Moon Regatta 2014 next Thursday and Friday (Oct 9-10)

>>Track Us

~TRACK MORNING SUN~ You can Track Morning Sun here.
Search for and click Morning Sun in the boat drop down to see where we are or see how the whole fleet is doing. The tracking won’t begin until Thursday Oct 9th. As always please know that there could be many reasons why Morning Sun doesn’t show up on the tracking map including equipment failure and battery issues. Don’t panic or call the Coast Guard. We are outfitted with plenty of safety devices and communications to alert the powers that be in the event of an emergency.


This will be the 28th race since the race’s creation in 1987 and the course is roughly 150 miles offshore from Galveston to Port Aransas Texas (near Corpus Christi).
Harvest Moon Regatta route

The race has a staggered start based on your boats rating (handicap) with the first start at 2pm Thursday October 9th. We will sail all through Thursday night by the light of the October full moon the race is always scheduled around and should cross the finish line in Port Aransas sometime Friday evening. This year there are 171 boats registered so far with 99 of them being in our class (cruising non-spinnaker). Last year Morning Sun finished 14th out of the 111 non-spin boats. Maybe this year we’ll do even better??

Morning Sun’s crew this year is 3 guys and 3 girls: Todd, Tate, Danny, Dani, Kay and Katerina. Just look at those names. TTDDKK. Coincidence? I think not.

Check out how Morning Sun compares to the rest of the fleet: HMR 2014 Boat list.


Forecasts are from Windfinder.
Looks like we are in for quite a ride this year with the following forecasts:

Thursday: Galveston area to halfway south–> Winds out of the SSE 15-20 knots. Wave height is roughly 3-5 feet at 6 second intervals. This continues into the night and early Friday Morning with the potential for winds to shift Friday and come out of the S. 30% chance of rain and 82 degrees F.

Friday: Halfway south to Port Aransas–> Winds dying down quite a bit still coming from SSE 7 to 10 knots. The waves also calm a bit to 3.5 feet at 6 second intervals. 30% chance of rain and 82 degrees F.

Since the race route is SW we really want the winds to stay SSE or go farther E. The further S the winds go the more difficult the sail will be with the winds on our front quarter. You know what they say though, the actual conditions are some percent worse than the forecast predicts. I’ll just say that I’m happy we’re in a Westsail. I can’t remember exactly what the winds were last year but it was mostly downwind sailing with conditions depicted pretty good in this Video. You can also read last years blog post about the 2013 HMR here.

Some things to note this year

I plan to really put my earplug trick to the test this race and start this race with no medicine.

Todd and I will both be posting race updates with photos to both Morning Sun’s and Sundowner’s Facebook pages as long as we have cellphone service.

Tate is in charge of the video this year and will bring his trusty GoPro with us to hopefully capture some awesome footage.

We are glad to have you along and please wish us LUCK!

2013 Harvest Moon Regatta spinnaker boats
Tate helming the boat