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Cruising Volare -Airhead Composting Toilet install and review

The weather today was wonderful! We were so lucky to have two full days of good weather to work on the boat.  Even the Easter Bunny hopped down our pier to make his delivery.Candy in the cockpit on Easter

Ok, maybe bunnies don’t like water, but our good friend Michele does and she came bearing candy. We had another productive on the boat crossing a few more items off  of our to do list.  Tate hooked up the spreader and forward navigation lights to the new electrical and they both work!

I cannot express enough how awesome it is to have the electrical functioning and logical on our boat.  To be able to flip a switch and know exactly what is going to turn on, and why it turns on is priceless.  From day one with the boat I’ve always kind of thought of the electrical system as that VCR you had to hit to make work. We have definitely upgraded to DVD.

Tate also finished the Air Head installation today by hooking up the vent hose to our AirHead today! We previously installed the solar vent in the cabin top of the head, but had to somehow attach the head vent hose to the cabin top.  Tate mulled on it a few weeks and after looking through various frankenstyle arrangements at lowes, had the simple idea of just gluing the flange piece that came with the vent to the hose connector piece that came with the head, and caulking the holes.  This was a job fit for a primate.

Air Head Installation vent

Next he screwed it to a piece of wooden trim from the former skylight, then used what he calls magic to secure it to the cabin top and run the hose through the shelf in the head down into the head itself.  I don’t ask too many questions.  I like magic.
Air Head Vent installed
Air Head Installation finished
Air Head installation finished finally
Please disregard the mess in the boat right now, it’s a construction zone.

I am getting so excited to have all of these things working on our boat.  We are so close to having it “fully functional”.  This summer is already filled with plans to make good on our boat fun promises to our good friends and family.  Now with a working head and a reliable engine we are unstoppable!
While Tate worked his magic inside, I worked my tedious Dani magic outside.  I am almost done stuffing as much butyl tape in the jib track gaps as I can.  Yay! There were so many huge gaps, I am hopeful this tape will keep most of the water out.
Dani working on Genoa tracks
We saw lots of people headed out to the lake to enjoy Easter Sunday. We called this one the “Ferry Sailboat” as they crammed as many guys and girls as possible on the bow, side decks and cockpit.  I don’t blame em.
Sailboat full of people headed out on the lake

As for us, we spent Easter with a good friend and couldn’t be happier with our progress on Sundowner.  The weekend flew by and it’s back to work tomorrow, dreaming about next weekends work:D
Tate and Michele hanging out in the cockpit

What improvement to your boat has brought you the most joy?