Great Lake Race t-shirt
Today was the Great Lake Race on Lake Pontchartrain. They have one every year which consist of a staggered start to compensate for the different boat ratings and a long 20 mile course around the lake to various buoys.  Probably about 30 boats showed up and many were flying Spinnakers which always makes for a pretty race.
Great Lake Race course
We actually got to start first at 9:31am.  Starting first actually means you have the highest rating and are probably the slowest, but hey for a while we were first and it was great!
Tate and Glenn on Quest
Dani at the helm
Two Red spinnaker boats
Spinnaker boats during Great Lake Race
Flying Spinnaker during Great Lake Race
It was especially nice to start early and have wind for the first two legs of the race because after about 11:30 the wind pretty much died and it was slow going all the way home.
Glassy Lake with no wind
The Race Committee even shortened the race although a tad too late as boats were already dropping like flies out of the race. At 4:00pm we still had over 5 miles to go with the sun right on our backs while averaging only 1 knot. An executive decision to bring her in was made so we headed back for the harbor.
As always we had a great time and got some good spinnaker practice in.
Tate and Dani during Great Lake Race
Check out this Trimaran and Leopard 38 Catamaran.
Leopard 38 Catamaran
Tomorrow we race again at 2pm! So much time out on the lake and I couldn’t be happier, but we have to soak up these race weekends while we can as Tate is on the verge of jumping full into the rigging project. We’ll have to spend our future nice weekends working on the boat, I mean she isn’t going to rerig herself!

Here’s another video with plenty of Spinnaker footage and shots of the race. Music by Pure Prairie Leaque “Amie”