This weekend we got ready for our new engine panel.  To start with we had to deal with the fact that the new engine panel is larger than the old.  The hole had to be enlarged.  We cleaned up and sanded the spot where the old engine panel was.

I placed our cut out over the spot and marked out the outline of the new hole.

An angle grinder made quick work of the fiberglass to cut out the new larger hole.

The problem remained that the old spot had a ton of holes in it from past installed.  We had thought about just using the old holes to install the new panel but at the last minute I had a change of heart and decided to fill in all the old holes and just make new ones.

I mixed up some thickened  epoxy and filled in the holes.

While we had the epoxy out we figured we’d go ahead and clear up the problem the boatyard caused us when they removed our fuel tanks.  They had split the lip of our cockpit well.  I prepared the area with the crack by sanding it and then cleaning it with a solvent.

I put it back in place with a pair of vice grips which could hold fiberglass in place while we made the repair.

I cut some pieces of glass and saturated them then applied them to the backside of the crack.  You can see here I actually put the vice grips in a plastic bag to make sure they didn’t stick.  That was Dani’s idea.

While the epoxy set up we went about inspecting our rigging.  I finally chiseled the remains of the old zinc off the dolphin striker chain plate.

The chainplate appears in much better shape than what I thought I would find considering the condition of the zinc that was there.

It would be nice to find any one thing on the on this boat that didn’t need to replaced.  =)