We got a package in the mail the other day. A heavy box. I looked at it and wondered what type of beauty supplies Dani ordered this time. A vat of some sort of new hypo allergenic age defying sunscreen no doubt. But no, it turned out to be a great big pile of books. Paul of Memsahib’s Voyage had generously packed up a pile of hard cover books about cruising and voyaging and sent them to us now that his own personal journey around the great loop has ended.
Box of books

Now, that is a serious treat for a book worm like me. So thanks Paul, I will devour greatly enjoy this treasure.

Interestingly enough, this beautiful act of generosity sparked up some old feelings I have inside of me that revolve around friendship and its relationship to money. I know that sounds weird, but I do spend time thinking about random things like this. It all started with a discussion on a message board about some people fussing about a blogger who is reportedly flush with money but has a donate button for people to give them money. I sort of feel like donate buttons are the modern digital equivalent of panhandling. I think a lot of other people view them as a modern “tip jar”. But in any event, I don’t like them and never have. I also don’t like advertisements on websites and will never allow such things to come here on this blog.

I seem to be plagued lately with people asking me why we don’t advertise or why we don’t have these donate buttons. Most people, I just can’t reason with and explain it to. To me, the most important thing has never been pulling page rank, or being popular, or any of that, it was just connecting with awesome people over the web and sharing our stories. Dani asked me if taking the books was the same thing as taking a donation. And I said no. It isn’t. It’s because some one took their own time and own effort under their own volition to be awesome.

And despite our lack of advertising or donation buttons and basic complete apathy towards monetary gain via a blog, this website has far exceeded all of my expectations. I feel like we’ve met so many great folks that understand and support us here. You educate us. You give us encouragement when we’re down. And Paul, thank you for the books. You remind me why we blog, because their are other awesome travelers out there that we can connect with and share with. We’ll try to pay that favor forward when we leave.

In other and completely unrelated news… My wife invaded my oil cabinet. I have a cabinet. Or something, I don’t know what you call a space that opens from the top. Maybe its a bunker. Yes, Dani invaded and violated my oil bunker. It’s built into the nav table and its usually full of awesome manly stuff like ATF, 40w Oil, anti-freeze, and tubes of caulk. I told Dani to stay out of the nav table, but apparently she didn’t consider the oil bunker part of it. So she raided it and painted it.
Oil cabinet finished

It probably smells like epoxy and perfume now. Sigh…

She has been painting everything lately. I mean just look at this stuff.

Hanging locker painted

She comes home in the evening smelling like epoxy paint fumes with a wild look in her eye. She is adamant about opening champagne once all the cabinets are painted. And I can’t keep her out of the oil bunker. I love this chick.