Lately my days at the boat have been rather carefree. It’s close by, clean and relaxing with no major projects calling my name. It’s FANTASTIC and refreshing. So much so that while I was there this weekend a surge of creativity came over me. Finally there is some room in this brain for the fun stuff!

Tate recently went on a shopping spree for all kinds of goodies for the boat. Fun goodies, bland goodies, important goodies and luxury goodies. One of these were the 747 Caframo fans. Nothing says “Shit just got real” like a pair of 12 volt fans.

Over the years we’ve been researching fans this one has always stood out above the pack. Low in amp draw around 0.4 Ah, said to be quiet, move a lot of air and cost about half of most others.

After using our noisy $10 Walmart DC fans since we’ve owned the boat I couldn’t wait to get try those babies out! Thankfully Tate bought them before the grueling LA summer to see how they perform in the most extreme conditions but like I said I couldn’t wait.

Now the only two options the fan came with was to mount it with screws or “use” some dinky suction cup on the wall (and then in your hair when it falls). Needless to say this didn’t really cut it. We aren’t ready to hard wire anything and the suction cups didn’t work on our oiled interior. Besides we have a teak hand rail that is PERFECT to clip our old black fans on…only the Caframo fans didn’t come with a clip. I searched online for the clip, knowing I’d see one before but to no avail.

When I was sound testing all three fans my lightbulb went off and Crikey I spotted it. We don’t need a stinking extra cost clip from Caframo when we’ve got three right here, from our old fans.
Fan pieces on the table

I took off the old fan and mounted the new Caframo fan right on it’s base. I had to drill holes through the plastic clip and I also cut Neoprene pieces to fit under the clip mount and also a round one for the fan itself. This cut down on the vibration noise substantially. The thin black strips below are neoprene with holes drilled out for the screws.
Base of fan close up

My creation, They’re ALIVE!
Dani is insane with her fans

I really like the way they came out granted they are not all white but I can attest to their quietness and low amp draw. I am impressed. But seriously, be mindful of your hair when around an unprotected spinning fan. I don’t know this from experience but can only imagine what would happen.
Fan in the salon looking good

Another sign shit just got real. Our liferaft and Epirb have arrived. Tate chose the Revere Offshore Commander Liferaft in the valise style, meaning we will keep the raft down below instead of stowed on deck, in the sun and at the mercy of the waves. This will probably be stowed on the starboard upper berth which we no longer use as a berth and so it will be easily accessible. Now hopefully any of you that join us for legs of our journey will feel a little safer. We’ve reserved 4.6 SF in the life raft just for you.
Epirb and the liferaft

I love the little cartoon.
Funny liferaft pic

For the EPRIB we went with a Category 1 ACR brand with the auto deployment casing. An EPRIB will send off a distress signal via satellite from anywhere in the world and will be registered to us so whoever receives the signal will know who it is and exactly where we are. This is a great piece of equipment to have. I also think we are getting a satellite phone since the plans are so much cheaper now.

Tomorrow morning bright and early I head to the Northshore to finish the new mainsail cover I’ve been working on with my mom at the Basic Bag shop. It’s been quite a large job so I’m really excited to finish, which means I should probably get to bed. So Goodnight.