So we have finally bought our boat.  She is currently slipped over in Slidell but we will be keeping her in Mandeville (her new home port).  Saturday will be our maiden voyage.  The only problem is that she isn’t exactly ready to go yet.  We’ve got to get some stuff done.

  1. Change the transmission oil
  2. Change the motor oil (maybe)
  3. Hook up a new battery

The oil for the transmission is totally shot and I’m not keen to motor her for four hours without doing something about it.  The engine oil is also in bad shape.  Is it too much to ask to change both oils before we head out?  I’m not sure yet.  Having never changed oil on this motor or this boat I’m a bit concerned I might screw something up.

Oil changes in boats are a little different than car motors.  You see you can’t get to the drain pan like you can under a car.  So what I’m supposed to do is siphon oil out of the dipstick holes to change it.  Of course this will probably create a giant mess.  I’m hoping one of these can help:
Transmission oil change for the first sail

But you know… You never know.  The other problem is that the electrical on the boat are not very functional.  We’re not sure exactly what part is causing the failure and when that happens, I usually blame the “system”.  So I need to replace it.  But to just get us from A to B tomorrow I’m planning on bringing a single battery to use for cranking, since the rest won’t charge.  Hopefully it will get us by.

Slidell to Mandeville shouldn’t be more than 5 hours.   Unfortunately the forecast is t-storms in the afternoon.  Hot hot hot.  And light/variable winds.   Ugh!

Well wish us luck, pictures soon to come.