The weather is getting so much nicer..the summer heat is finally doing the way of the dinosaur.  This weekend was nice and lazy for us.  On Saturday we watched LSU beat Auburn, then headed to Laplace La, to meet Tate’s sister Paige and her husband Grant at a no name bar off the interstate.  This isn’t normal procedure for us, but they live in Baton Rouge and offered us tickets to the Saints vs Colts game for tonight at the Superdome in New Orleans.  They were nice enough to even bring the tickets half way to this “halfway house”.  It was a fun time.   After that we headed home, watched a scary movie then hit the sack.  No time for the boat.

Unfortunately most of the football games this season have been scheduled during the day, making it difficult to get out to the boat at a convenient hour.  However we looked at the Saints tickets and to our surprise the game wasn’t until 7:20pm on Sunday.  Sweet! that’ll give us enough time to go to the boat and do a few things.

Now pretty much the only problem we have had so far after our major install was getting the motor to start and stay running while in neutral.  This has been a problem every time we have gone to the boat, however 2 weekends ago during what seemed like a mini crisis out on the lake, Tate found majorly loose hoseclamps on the fuel lines and tightened them.  Last Sunday the engine started right up and stayed running at idle with no problem.  Today would be the real test.  Would it start again??

We woke up and had a nice morning drinking coffee while I made some eggs and sausage.  around 2 we headed over to the boat and to check her out.   Tate got the key and we held our our great delight, she started right up and ran at idle with no problem.  It seems like we have finally fixed our problem.  We also brought a voltmeter to the boat to check the batteries and the alternator output.  2 weeks ago I tried to start the motor for the first time, and even though I’ve been told many times…


If the alternator had been producing any voltage me turning the key to off, instead of using the stop button could have sent voltage surging through to the alternator, destroying it.

Luckily though, we tested the batteries and the alternator output and all was right with the world.  Next was to check out a few things..our shortlist of things we’d like to get done at the boat in the weeks/months coming up:

  1.  Install an anti-siphon valve in the water exhaust line
  2. Cut a board to fit in the companion way to muffle engine noise
  3. Fix drainage under Galley Sink
  4. Drink lots of rum and invite friends over (Make #1)

Tate looked under the sink and detached the hoses and fittings that were there previously. We’ll have to look online for the parts we need as West Marine is too expensive.

back into re-fit gear.

Tate made a list of all the parts we’d need for our various projects.  One thing we’ve learned is that it’s so much easier to make a list when you have to remember things like: 3′ of 1 1/2″ hose,  3 1/2″ barbed to female fittings  etc etc.  It’ll really put a wrench in your plans when you head all the way to the boat, get elbow deep in the project and realize you don’t have the parts you need.

I can only imagine how much more important this will be once we are out cruising.  Going to the store won’t be as easy as stopping on the way home, or jumping in the car to go down the street.  It’ll be like, ok, get the dingy and our stuff. We’ll have to get a cab or rent a bike, hope they have a store that has the part and hope it’s still day time and the weather cooperates.  I predict we’ll get very good at making lists!

We headed to West Marine to get some parts, then headed home to get ready for the Saints Game!!  This was my first Professional football game.  We headed to the Superdome to watch the Saints CREAM the Colts.

The game was a blowout, but it was super fun to go right down the street to see the Saints play..

well, work again tomorrow.  More boat stuff to come another day…